3 Arguments For Diving Alone

diving aloneEditor’s note: This article is a continuation of a two-part series dealing with the controversial subject of diving alone. You can view the arguments against diving alone here

While most people who are familiar with SCUBA diving will advise divers of all experience levels to never dive alone, that sentiment is quickly changing.  More SCUBA divers are warming to the idea of diving alone. This flies in the face of conventional logic but there are some good arguments for the recent shift in opinion when it comes to diving alone.

Divers Can’t Always Help One Another

Many problems that SCUBA divers experience are so challenging and individually oriented that a partner might not be able to help. While a partner will be able to help dislodge and entangled diver, he might not be much help when other problems arise. Divers who are paired together oftentimes have drastically different skill levels. When they aren’t properly matched, one will lack the knowledge, confidence, and ability to help the other in a meaningful way. This also puts an excessive burden on the more experienced diver to supervise the activities of his partner.

It’s More Fun

When an experienced diver is required to dive in close proximity to a buddy, especially a buddy who is a novice, he won’t have much fun during the dive. When one dives alone, he has the freedom to explore the dive site’s unique qualities as much as he desires without being saddled by a partner who has his own unique interests and wayward momentum.

diving aloneYou Put In The Work To Dive Solo, So Do It

Many solo divers obtain a distinct certification to prove that they are capable of performing a dive alone. There’s no sense in pursuing this certification if you aren’t going to use it. Solo diving certification classes are quite demanding. They require the diver to show that he is proficient with numerous water skills like emergency ascents, regulator recovery, and mask removal. Divers also learn how to estimate how much air is necessary for a solo dive and how to establish a dive specific bailout system. Every time a diver performs a solo dive and experiences no problems, it serves as more evidence to destroy the notion that SCUBA diving is an activity that requires a partner.

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  1. Bruce King says:

    Every competent diver should try going solo. It’s the best way to go diving. (for me that is)

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