Underwater Signaling Devices

Scenario 1: You’re on your dive when you spot the most amazing Manta ray gliding by in the distance, you turn to see if your buddy is paying attention and sure enough he’s looking in another direction.

Scenario 2: You are running low on tank air, and need to surface, you signal your buddy that you are out of air, but your buddy is busy observing a family of clownfish in a nearby anemone.

Underwater communication is hard enough as it is without having to constantly try to get another diver’s attention to get your message across. Signaling your Dive Buddy when he’s not paying attention is often one of the most frustrating aspects of diving, but also one of the most important things to get right when faced with an emergency situation underwater.

Over the years divers have invented several ingenious methods to signal their buddies using simple homemade sound makers, which range from metal spoons in the form of a rattler, to sophisticated electronic beeping devices. Here is a list of a few of the better underwater signaling devices commercially available in the market today.

Acou-Stick” UnderWater Noise maker
This Fluorescent-green colored rattling device uses a patented technology to get your dive buddy’s attention fast & easily. Unlike other rattling devices, the Acou-Stik Professional Underwater Communicator stays silent while swimming & when stowed in dive gear or luggage. It only works when you want it to. The device is neutrally buoyant and compact in size (6”) and when shaken, can be heard up to 100 feet away. Most importantly it require no batteries or maintenance and is virtually indestructible.


Featured above is the Acou-Stick Underwter Noise maker available at Leisurepro.com

H2YO Underwater Noisemaker
ReefNet’s new “H2YO” a shake to emit a loud and distinctive rattle that can be heard at great distances underwater. To make sure you sound unique, H2YO is offered with two sounds, a Rattle and a Clank. This becomes very useful to identify your buddy with a distinct noise pattern. The device itself is available in several highly visible fluorescent colors and is very compact in size, yet makes a considerable noise underwater.

H2YO Underwater Noisemaker

Featured above is the H2YO Underwater Noisemaker available at Leisurepro.com

Aqua Tank Banger
The Aqua Tank Banger is the simplest and most reliable attention getter for Scuba Diving which consists of a surgical rubber tube with a plastic ball attached to it. Just stretch it over the base of your Scuba Cylinder and your ready to go. If you need to get someone’s attention underwater simply pull the ball away from you cylinder and let go to create a Bang.  The Tank Banger is made of corrosion free plastic and surgical rubber tubing and is also useable by both left and right-handed divers.

Aqua Tank Banger

Featured above is the Aqua Tank Banger available at Leisurepro.com

Innovative Aqua Maraca Underwater Signaling device
The Aqua Maraca is Small, compact, yet acoustically engineered to be audible over 30 feet away. It’s probably the smallest underwater signaling device featured here today.


Featured above is the Innovative Aqua Maraca Underwater Signaling device available at Leisurepro.com

AquaSonic Underwater Alarm
From the makers of the Aqua Maraca, the Aquasonic Underwater Alarm is unlike any other in the SCUBA market today. This unique underwater signaling device out-performs anything on the market and reaches distances up to 120 feet. The Aqua Sonic comes with (4) AA Batteries, a lanyard and a Lifetime Warranty. Scuba Diver’s claim that the AquaSonic is one of the top signaling devices out there, as it can be clearly heard underwater as a distinct signal.


Featured above is the AquaSonic Underwater Alarm available at Leisurepro.com

Buddy Call underwater Signaling Device
Buddycall is a battery operated diver-to-diver signaling device that enables you to immediately attract the attention of other divers by creating a pleasant but attention grabbing sound which is activated by pressing a large visible button on the device . The Buddycall may be worn around your wrist like a watch or attached to other gear like a BCD and can be heard underwater for up to 100 feet (30 meters) which offers a wide communication radius, above water the device can be heard for around 500 feet and is quite loud.. A diver can use a short burst of sound to get a buddy’s attention or leave it in the ON position for hands-free use in an emergency. Divers can also create and use simple codes to pass along messages easily when diving or snorkeling.


Featured above is the Buddy Call underwater Signaling Device available at Leisurepro.com

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