Top 10 Snorkels In The Market Today

Rated and reviewed by thousands of loyal LeisurePro customers as well users on the popular review site, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 Snorkels all available at with a best price guarantee.

1. Aeris Cuda Dry Snorkel
Aeris’ patented dry snorkel is truly designed with the diver’s comfort and actually works. It’s a great scuba diving snorkel. The dry snorkel technology allows for easy breathing at the surface and when you’re underwater, a small valve closes and keeps the water out. When you return to the surface, you can count on the fact your mouth will fill with air and not water. It even features a quick-release mechanism that allows you to move the snorkel out of your way when you are at depths.

Available at for $24.95*

2. Cressi Dry Snorkel
This Dry snorkel has an original anti-splash end with a special valve that seals the tube as you dive, almost totally preventing the entrance of water as the snorkel is submerged. The lower end has a corrugated part that is smooth on the inside and keeps the snorkel away from the mouth when using breathing apparatus.

Available at for $20.95*

3. Tusa Platina II Hyperdry Snorkel
The Hyperdry snorkel (SP-170) is TUSA’s premier semi-dry snorkel incorporating features such as the patented Hyperdry System making this one of the most stylish and feature packed snorkels on the market. The Hyperdry System keeps the main pipe dry by ejecting water through an independent escape pipe. This unique design utilizes the angle of the snorkel pipe and the resilience of the water surface to eject water. The Comfort Swivel offers a more comfortable fit since it creates no load on the mouthpiece straightens out during diving and doesn’t get in the way.

Available at for $24.95*

4. Scubapro Uwatec Laguna 2 Snorkel
When using a snorkel, the last thing you want is a mouthful of water – especially salt water – when you’re hoping to fill your lungs with air. Scubapro’s Laguna snorkel’s dry top design keeps water out of your snorkel’s barrel, allowing you to breathe easily. If a bit of water does sneak into the snorkel, simply exhale to use the Laguna’s purge valve (located near the mouthpiece). By putting the purge valve at the bottom of the snorkel, gravitational pull allows you to use less effort when blowing out the water – the same is not true for snorkels that require you to blast the water upward, away from the mouthpiece.

Available at for $22.95*

5. Aqua Lung Impulse 3 Flex Snorkel
The Impulse 3 snorkel is the newest in a line of superior snorkels offered by Aqua Lung. The Impulse 3’s streamlined design is a hit with divers, as is it incredibly efficient dual-valve system, which prevents water from traveling through the snorkel and into your mouth and if in rare situations when water does enter the snorkel, a simple puff of air is all you need to clear the water through the snorkel’s lower one-way valve. It also offers divers the ability to drop the mouthpiece and have it hang out of the way until it is needed again at the surface.

Available at for $24.95*

6. Cressi Freediving Corsica Snorkel Black
This seemingly simple and classic looking snorkel is actually a new, highly technological, Cressi snorkel that has been designed specifically for deep fishing and free diving.The tube of the Corsica is characterized by the use of a new concept of special polymers that have excellent shape memory thus allowing the snorkel to bend against objects and then spring back into its original position. The mouthpiece in hypoallergenic silicone has been designed with a special anatomical shape that minimizes any feeling of discomfort, even after prolonged use.

Available at for $19.95*

7. XS Scuba M-Line Snorkel 3D Flex Dry
The 3D Flex Dry Snorkel is the original dry snorkel. The unique floating valve system that closes on contact with water is the heart of this dry snorkel. The float prevents water from entering the snorkel tube keeping it dry for your return to the surface. Nothing else compares with the dryness of this specially designed snorkel. Once you have returned to the surface the float falls away from the tube opening allowing water free breathing again. You won’t need to “blast” the water out like with other snorkels, just breathe in and you good to go.

Available at for $26.95*

8. National Geographic Society Tuna Snorkel – Experience Series
National Geographic is synonyms with adventure, and this Tuna Snorkel-Experience Series is your key to unlocking the adventures of the underwater world. The Tuna Snorkel has an Orthodontic Mouthpiece for extreme comfort. Snorkel is equipped with easy mount snorkel keeper, and large bore tube for easy air displacement and a splash guard which keeps the snorkel dry under normal conditions.

Available at for $7.95*

9. OmerSub Zoom Snorkel
Specifically designed for spearfishing and free diving, the shapes of the silicone mouthpiece of this snorkel and the air tube have been ergonomically designed to follow the profile of the spear fisherman’s face, to greatly reduce its visibility during the dive.The snorkel has a high rebound elasticity and “snappiness”, allowing the diver to fold it when it is not needed, and to take it out whenever the use of a snorkel becomes a necessity.

Available at for $19.95 – $37.95*

10. Atomic SV1 Snorkel
The SV in the snorkels name stands for Scupper Valve, also known as a one-way-valve. Just like the one-way-valve in your regulator which when you exhale drains water from your regulator the scupper valve basically works the same. The SV1 uses an additional feature that keeps water away from your mouth a small tube located just below the mouthpiece is designed to keep the breathing airway path free of water droplets. So if you hate to use a snorkel, but want more bottom time this is the solution you are looking for.

Available at for $34.95*

*Prices as in September 2010, Please refer to for the  correct current prices.

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