The A-Z Of Scuba Gear and Equipment Brands (1)

Here’s a complete guide to the most popular Scuba gear manufacturers the World over in alphabetical order starting with A-M, O-Z continued in The A-Z Of Scuba Gear and Equipment Brands (2)

Scuba brands

A-M, (O-Z)


AerisStarted in 1998, Aeris offers a complete range of innovative and feature-rich SCUBA and snorkeling equipment.
Worth a mention- Aeris 5 Oceans BCD, Aeris A1 Octopus, Aeris Velocity X3 Open Heel Fins, Aeris Atmos AI Air Integrated Computer Console

AkonaAkona Adventure Gear supplies the scuba diving and snorkeling world with gear bags and accessories.
Products worth a mention – Akona Executive Regulator BagAkona Pro Camera Carry-on Roller BagAkona Women’s 3mm Shorty, Akona Lucia Mask


Aqua Lung
AqualungAqua Lung is the name that first introduced the world to Scuba diving more than 60 years ago when Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Emille Gagnan developed the first “Aqua-Lung.” Today, Aqua Lung international includes the best brands in aquatic equipment like Suunto and Seaquest with a complete line of diving equipment ranging from some of the world’s best performing regulators to a complete line of masks, fins, and snorkels for the recreational Scuba diver and Snorkeler.
Products worth a mention – Aqualung Legend ACD Regulator, AquaLung Blades II Flex Open Heel Fins, Aqualung Favola Mask, Aqualung Impulse Dry Flex Snorkel

AquatecManufacturers of LED torch, buoyancy compensating devices (BCD’s), accessories and dive knives from California, USA since 1985.
Products worth a mention – Aquatec Aqua Star LED Torch, Aquatec LED Flashing Mini Light, Aquatec Alternate regulator, Inflator, with Sub Alert unitAquatec T-REX Titanium Knife

Atomic Aquatics
newtopSpecializing in Scuba regulators, Atomic Aquatics continues to be THE regulator of choice for divers who demand the best. The brand also manufactures fins, masks and dive computers along with their sought after regulators.
Products worth a mention – Atomic Aquatics Split Fins, Atomic Aquatics Frameless Mask, Atomic Ti6 Titanium Knife

Bare logoBare manufactures exposure products designed for sport enthusiasts who share a passion for being in and on the water. Their products include wetsuits, drysuits, masks, snorkels fins and other accessories for scuba diving, fishing and watersports like wakeboarding and waterskiing.
Products worth a mention – Bare CD4 Men’s Pro Drysuit, Bare 7mm Coldwater Boot, Bare Velocity 2mm Tropic Five Finger Glove, Bare 1mm Sport Full Women’s Jumpsuit

CressiCressi is the oldest underwater diving company presently existing dating back to 1946, when brothers Egidio and Nanni Cressi founded it. Many Cressi products have marked the evolution of this sport over the past sixty years, with a series of inventions and insights then followed by other manufacturers. With scuba products like masks, regulators, re-breathers, fins, diving consoles, buoyancy compensators, dive computers, fins and more, Cressi is one of the top scuba brands of all times.
Products worth a mention – Cressi Sub Flex BCD, Cressi-Sub Edy II Wrist Computer, Cressi-Sub “Big Eyes” Black Skirt Mask, Cressi-Sub Ellipse/AC10 Regulator, Cressi-Sub Gara 2000 HF Full Foot Fins

Force Fin
ForceFinDesigning fins for over 25 years, Force Fins brings you the finest fins available for SCUBA Diving, Snorkeling, Swimming, triathelete training, Float Tube Fly Fishing, Body Surfing and Free Diving.
Worth a mention – Force-Fin “Original Fin”, Force-Fin “Pro Fin”, Force-Fin “Slim Fin” Small Black

Genesis Scuba
Genesis LogoGenesis Scuba was founded specifically to design and produce only the highest quality dive products, at the most commercially competitive prices. Genesis, Akona and Sherwood all come under the parent Corporations umbrella of Liberty Group.
Worth a mention – Genesis Cobra LD BCD, Genesis 200′ Depth Gauge, Genesis SM7400 Quadra Mask, Genesis  Signal Semi Dry Snorkel

Ikelite LogoIkelite has manufactures underwater flashlights, compasses and photographic equipment since 1962. They introduced many innovative products to the diving industry like the first O-ring sealed underwater light to incorporate a sealed beam bulb and the first diving compass with a rotating bezel and direct reading degrees.They specialize in underwater lighting, direction and photography equipment.
Worth a mention – Ikelite Substrobe DS-51 SubStrobe Package with Manual Controller & Ball & Socket Arm for Digital and SLR Camera Housings, Ikelite PC-M LED Light, Ikelite Underwater TTL Camera Housing for the Nikon Coolpix

Mares- Just add waterOne of the best known brands in Scuba diving is this 60 year old Italian company started by Ludovico Mares, to share his unbridled passion for the sea and diving with the rest of the world. The Mares name today represents only the best in dive products and dominates the scuba markets. From dive computers, scuba masks, regulators, fins, wetsuits to dive instruments and gauges they have broad collection of new fantastic products with superior technology.
Worth a mention –Mares Abyss 42 Metal Regulator, Mares Quattro Power Full Foot Long Blade Fins, Black, Mares Cruise X-Strap Foldable Duffle Bag, “She Dives” collection, Mares Puck Wrist Computer, Mares Proton 42 Metal Regulator


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