Support Dive Computer Buddy from DiveNav

Our friends at DiveNav are at it again with another amazing project on Kickstarter!

After last year’s successful bluebuddy and Nitroxbuddy Kickstarter projects, DiveNav now presents Dive Computer Buddy.

Dive Computer Buddy

From the campaign page:

Dive Computer Buddy (aka DCbuddy) is a wireless accessory for scuba divers that allows a diver to retrieve logs from his/her dive computer using a tablet and/or a smartphone.

Put simply, this great new device allows you to surface from a dive and connect your dive computer to your Dive Computer Buddy, which then transmits your dive log data to your smartphone for logging, analysis, and sharing.

Available for many popular computer models, this is a great project for any diver. With their proven success at dive computer training software along with hardware and smartphone software via their last two Kickstarter projects, we have no doubt the Dive Computer Buddy will be a success.

Exclusive LeisurePro Promotion

Exclusively for LeisurePro customers who join us in supporting the Dive Computer Buddy, if you contact DiveNav via their Kickstarter campaign after backing at the $90 reward level or above (just let them know LeisurePro sent you), you will get a $20 LeisurePro gift card after successful funding of the Dive Computer Buddy Kickstarter campaign.

Take a look at the project video and back your own Dive Computer Buddy!



  1. alexandraintl says:

    Great kickstarter project as so many of us travel with iPads now and don’t want to wait till we get home to hard line sync our dive computers with our desktops.

  2. Is this option being developed for the Liquivision Kaon or the Suunto Vyper?>

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