Stocking Stuffers For SCUBA Lovers

There aren’t many SCUBA products that immediately come to people’s minds when they think of stocking stuffers, but in fact, there’s some great accessories and small gadgets that will suit this purpose quite well. Whether it’s a SCUBA man, woman, boy, or girl on your list, you’ll find plenty of little treats that will put smiles on those divers’ faces when they pull them out. Here are some cool stocking stuffers you can find at LeisurePro!

SCUBA Pins, Keychains, Charms  $4.95 Р$69.95

SCUBA divers are generally proud of their sport (or hobby, whichever way you look at it), and many like to have some kind of token or emblem to show their love for what they do. If the diver you’re buying for is more demure than most, a lapel pin might be just the thing. From dive flags to favorite marine creatures, there’s a great assortment of pins that can express SCUBA pride without going overboard.

Charms are also a fun way to wear your love for SCUBA. These handmade sterling silver charms are perfect for your avid underwater photographer or spearfishing lady. They don’t just have to be worn as jewelry though — any of these charms will look great hanging from your rear view mirror or kitchen window!

Some people make an art form out of collecting keychains. Whether or not you have a collector on your list, these fun keychains will certainly appeal to SCUBA divers on the go!

Tank Covers, Mouse Pads, Stickers, Decals $1.00 – $17.95

If jewelry or tokens aren’t what you’re looking for, how about a cool sticker or decal? Stickers can be used almost anywhere, and the vinyl decals come with their own squeegee for the perfect placement on your car or home window.

SCUBA lovers don’t spend all¬†their time underwater, but that doesn’t mean they stop thinking about it. Make sure the diver on your list always has a reminder of life below the surface with one of these cool mouse pads.

And for those SCUBA divers that like a bit of flash, check out these awesome tank covers. Keep the tank surface in good shape as well as spot your tank immediately in a sea of tanks!

Earplugs $1.84 – $29.95

Many SCUBA divers struggle with ear issues underwater, whether it be equalization or subsequent ailments from water exposure. Give your diver some relief this season with a good pair of earplugs. Not all earplugs are meant to be worn on dives, so make sure you read the specifications.

Save-A-Dive Kits $5.95 – $24.95

There is nothing more frustrating than getting to the dive site, realizing you have a problem with your gear, and having no way to fix it. A save-a-dive kit is something every SCUBA diver should have in their car or gear bag, and they can include tools, o-rings, or replacement parts for assorted gear.

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