Snorkeling 101: What’s a Snorkel Bag?


Snorkeling is one of the most dynamic recreational activities in the sense that it appeals to people across many age groups and levels of interest. Some people consider snorkeling to be a form of aquatic sightseeing, while others think of it more along the lines of underwater exploration.

snorkel bag

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The wide appeal of snorkeling is the limited amount of gear that it requires. Unlike SCUBA diving, snorkeling does not require a certification and training process, nor does it require expensive equipment. In fact, most people associate snorkeling with just a mask with a snorkel tube attached and a pair of swim fins. While this is true for people who take up snorkeling when they visit an ocean resort, snorkelers who want to explore more extensively tend to use more gear and thus need a bag for storage and transportation.

Snorkel bags are usually made of mesh, nylon or other lightweight materials that can withstand constantly being wet. There are usually three styles: Backpack, carry and duffel. These bags are very similar to the ones carried by SCUBA divers, and they tend to vary in storage capacity.

A snorkel bag is typically large enough to hold two sets of swim fins, two dive masks and two snorkel tubes. The backpack and duffel-style snorkel bags are usually larger and may have special compartments for carrying water bottles and extra gear. In fact, some snorkel bags have completely watertight pockets to store and keep dry important items such as documents, medications, money, smartphones, etc.

snorkel bag

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Snorkeling enthusiasts who spend a long time in the open water or who plan longer exploration routes may want to pack additional gear such as emergency vests, first aid kits, diving knives, weight belts, buoys with diver-down flags, etc. Carrying these extra items will require larger cargo space, and in some cases these bags can be folded and tied in a way that they can float along as the snorkelers are busy exploring.

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