SCUBA Gifts for the Diver In Your Life

We’re quickly approaching the holiday season and for many, that means shopping! If you have a SCUBA diver in their life, while they’ll appreciate any fun new dive toy, we’d like to help you pick from the limitless options by pointing out some of the more popular and useful items you can get your diver. Regardless of what you pick, buying from LeisurePro means peace of mind in your purchases.

Gift Card

LeisurePro gift cards are the ultimate gift! They can be purchased right up to any deadline, in a variety of amounts to fit any budget and allow your diver to get exactly what they want. Choose either a physical card (make sure you didn’t wait too long!) or send the card via email.

Cutting Devices

While knives are a very popular piece of dive kit, with current airline restrictions it can be more difficult to take them on your next SCUBA vacation. Many experienced divers have come to learn fishing line entanglement is a more common hazard, so having a cutting device like the Blue Reef Line Cutter ($6.95) or EEZYCUT Trilobite ($24.95) is more useful, plus they’re travel friendly.


Nothing expands the diving experience better than capturing still images or video. Camera equipment has increased in quality and usability while decreasing in price in recent years, so you can get your diver started without breaking the bank. Compact still cameras like the Intova IC14 14MP Digital Camera with Waterproof Housing ($279) or the Sealife SL330 Mini II Digital Underwater Camera ($229.95) are great for beginning photographers while the Contour GPS Full HD Helmet Camera ($299.99) is a great hands free, extreme sport designed HD video camera.


Make diving simpler by getting your diver a dive computer! If your diver prefers a console option, the Aeris XR-1 Computer Console ($199.99) is a great option. If they prefer to streamline by using a wrist mount computer, the Oceanic Veo 100 ($149.99) will be perfect. For a slightly more advanced computer featuring enriched air (nitrox) compatibility and more, the Mares Puck Wrist Computer ($199.95) is a Buzzillions #1 rated dive computer. Best of all, all three come complete with online dive computer training which will help the lucky recipient get up to speed quickly, yet safely with their new dive computer.

Prices valid as of November 17, 2011. Check links in the article for the latest prices.


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