SCUBA Gear: A Guide to Light and Compact Travel BCD’s

Let’s face it when you take up Scuba diving, it takes you places and that means Travel- packing heavy gear, worrying about airline weight limits and  lugging it around everywhere. Buoyancy Compensators (BC) or Buoyancy Control Devices (BCD) are probably one of the the bulkiest pieces of Scuba gear you’ll have to carry on your scuba trips so it makes sense to think about investing in a light weight and compact  BCD that would be easier to travel with rather than the traditional styles.

Here’s a closer look at some travel friendly BC’s that don’t compromise function for size-

Cressi Travelight BCD
Cressi Travelight BCDSpecifically designed for those who travel by plane, the Cressi Travelight BC’s light structure and anatomical shape make it a very tight-fitting and streamlined jacket once underwater offering very little resistance to forward movement. But what makes great for travel is the fact that it can be folded up to size of a small pillow in just a few seconds and it fits into an ultra-compact travel bag which is included when you buy it making it ideal to stow away easily. The Travelight is ultra-light (Size Medium weighs only 5.5 lbs.) but is fully weight integrated, employing Cressi’s Lock-Aid weight system and includes all the features for an optimum performance.

Cressi Travelight BCD available at for $314.95*

Seaquest Passport BC
Seaquest Passport BCThe Passport BCD’s lightweight and low-profile make it ideal for divers who travel and want to bring as much of their own gear as possible with them, instead of having to rent an unfamiliar BCD on-site. It’s 25 – 30% lighter than comparable BCDs. The Passport’s mesh carrying bag serves a double duty as extra lumbar support while wearing the BCD. The quick-release integrated weight system holds up to 20 pounds of weight.

Seaquest Passport BC available at for $274.95*

Zeagle Express Tech BCD
Zeagle Express Tech BCDThe Express Tech is an ultra light weight, super compact traveling BC pack with features never before found in a rig this small. The ultimate travel rig for any type of diving whether you take it to the islands for lightweight reef and fun diving or explore the deep holes and ledges that require technical gear and twin cylinders. The Express Tech BC system, complete ready to dive, weighs in under 5 pounds and packs up amazingly small. Two sets of center plate grommets allow for attaching twin cylinder assemblies via the bolt and nut arrangement that most tech systems use. Larger optional bladders are available.

Zeagle Express Tech BCD
available at LeisurePro.comfor $184.95*

Mares Icon BC
Mares Icon BCIn today’s world of travel we are strictly confined by airline weight restrictions, therefore the design of your equipment needs to encompass elements to be travel friendly. Icon is the ideal BC for traveling. The Quick-Pak System makes it easy to compact and transport the BC with a few simple moves. Once closed it is minimal in size and can easily be transported in your suitcase or a small travel backpack. Back mounted bladder providing high lift capacity when needed and complete freedom of movement on all your dives making this BCD the diver’s choice!

Mares Icon BC with MRS Plus Weight Pockets available at for $359.95*

*Prices shown here are as in March 2010. Please visit for the most current prices.

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