How to Repair a Wetsuit Tear

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Learning how to repair a wetsuit tear is an essential part of snorkeling and diving. A wetsuit is very sturdy, but it can be damaged like anything else. Fortunately, repairing a wetsuit is a very simple procedure that can be completed in less than an hour.

repair a wetsuit tear

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To repair a wetsuit tear, the only equipment necessary is a tube of wetsuit cement. Wetsuit adhesive is a similar product, but it tends to have a longer dry time. Wetsuit cement is faster and the bond is very strong.

Fold the wet suit along the cut, pinching the fold so that the two torn edges of the rip are side by side and facingĀ  up. A wetsuit does have some thickness, so you should have access to the torn surfaces.

Spread a layer of wetsuit cement along the edges. Make sure the layer is thin but covers the torn edges completely. A gap will make the seal less strong. At that point, simply hold it steady for about a minute or however long the instructions on the cement tube tell you to do so. The cement must be held to the open air for a certain amount of time before it reaches its full potency. Then let go of the fold and spread the wetsuit on a flat surface so that the edges can come together naturally. Ideally, the tear should be resting on a flat surface, not on another layer of the suit.

repair a wetsuit tear

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Pinch the two edges together, holding them like that for a minute. The cement sets very quickly, and about five minutes after that, the suit will beĀ  repaired. Read the instructions on the cement carefully before the suit is taken into the water again. Some cements have a loner cure time, though most are done drying after that point.

Wetsuit adhesives work in exactly the same way, though they usually require a few days of cure time before the seal between the torn edges is considered complete. There are even iron-on options that you can cut to fit whatever size damage you are trying to repair. When considering a wetsuit repair, remember that patience is key. Do not pull apart the edges to test the strength of the bond until the cement is completely dry.

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