Protect Your Devices From the Elements

Admit it: you can hardly go 10 feet in your house without your electronic device of choice, never mind a whole day on a dive boat. It’s okay, because you probably have a dive log app, or a cool fish ID app, or you need to check in with the job you’re supposed to be at during the surface interval. We’re not judging! We would never do that, because we too are inextricably attached to our beloved electronic devices. So instead of staging an intervention, let’s just discuss how we can keep our favorite gadgets from certain death by even the slightest contact with H2O, sudden impact with a concrete dock, or just plain irresponsible handling. The best part is, after you’re done reading this article on said favorite device, you can use it to buy what’s listed here! Win-win-winning!


Life Proof Case for iPhone 4 / 4S – $64.95 – $79.99 FREE SHIPPING!

If you’re an iAddict, you know the value of keeping that little gem protected from everything, because replacing it isn’t going to be cheap. Life Proof knows this and has come out with one of the best protective cases money can buy, even going so far as to enhance some of your iPhone’s existing features. While only adding 1/16 of an inch to the overall size of your device, the Life Proof iPhone case offers total protection from dust and dirt, shock impact, and anything wet (including bodies of water, rain, snow, sweat, tears, and adult beverages). It’s even depth rated to 2 meters, so you can send a picture of yourself doing duckface underwater to your favorite social networking site! And for those impromptu dance parties on the dive boat, the Life Proof case enhances the bass and mid-frequency speaker response, allowing you to impress somebody with something, surely. Available in 8 colors, and you can beef up your game with several mounting accessories.


Aryca Tide Waterproof Case for Smartphones – $34.99 FREE SHIPPING!
For those who don’t suffer from a debilitating iObsession*, but still have a case of technology tics comes the Aryca Tide case for all the other smartphones out there. This case is a terrific option for keeping your device protected from all the elements, and offers a slight advantage over the Life Proof case by being depth rated to 30 meters, so you don’t have to worry about those cannonball dives with your phone in your pocket. The shock-resistant hard frame provides full protection from those clumsy drops, while the silicone membrane allows you to shop for dive gear in torrential rainstorms. It even claims to float if dropped in water, but wisely urges you to check the buoyancy before you go lobbing it into the pool to show everyone how smart and funny you are. Available in 4 colors, and each comes equipped with an adjustable yellow neck lanyard so you’ll be able to spot it instantly, even when you’re wearing it on your neck. Also comes in models for basic phones and larger basic phones.

*There’s one for iPhone and Blackberry too.


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