Can You Hear Me Now?

SCUBA diving has some pretty obvious limitations when it comes to underwater communication, which is why it is crucial that you stay within a safe range of your dive buddy. Since the only communication you’ll really have is hand signals, you’re going to need to be within close proximity to make that work. But dive buddies are generally not apt to stay right on top of each other, so you have to find a way to signal that you need to communicate. A dive light can work quite well in low visibility, but its beam may go unnoticed in clearer waters closer to the surface. In instances such as this, you’ll do well to have some kind of audible signaling device. Many divers are rabidly against audible signaling devices for the propensity of some divers to abuse them, but in an urgent or emergency situation, their function will not go unappreciated. Here are a few of the different audible signaling devices available at LeisurePro. A word of caution: do not abuse your audible signaling device, lest you invoke the wrath of those who might not invite you back on the boat!


H2YO Underwater Noisemaker – $24.95 FREE SHIPPING!

This underwater noisemaker is one of the most basic designs for an audible signaling device, and it truly is beautiful in its simplicity. A small, fluorescent colored capsule contains either one large ball to make a clanking sound, or several small balls to make a rattling sound, each of which can be easily identified underwater by your dive buddy, rather than blending into other ambient noises. As you can attach the H2YO to your BCD or other gear with a split ring, some divers also find it useful as a visual identification tool as well. The casing is virtually indestructible, and there’s no parts to worry about malfunctioning when you need it most.


Buddycall Underwater Signaling Device – $25.95 FREE SHIPPING!

If you’re looking for an audible signaling device that’s even easier┬áto use than something you have to shake, you might like the Buddycall. Running on battery power, the Buddycall is operated by the simple push of a button, emitting a signal that is audible up to 100 feet — much further than you should ever be away from your buddy! The velcro strap is designed to be worn on the wrist or attached to your BCD, and it even features a continuous ON position in the event of an emergency, making sure you get the quick attention you need.



Dive Alert Signaling Device – $42.50 – $59.50 FREE SHIPPING!

For those that are serious about sending an audible underwater signal, look no further than the Dive Alert signaling device. Utilizing quick-connect hose couplings to integrate into your power inflator, this noise maker uses a small fraction of your air supply to transmit a 132 decibel sound that can be heard up to a mile away. To illustrate the power of the sound, sustained noises at 132 decibels or more are enough to cause ruptured eardrums and permanent hearing damage. Case in point: use this baby selectively and wisely. The Dive Alert comes in three different models, to accommodate nearly every power inflator mechanism on the market. Never be missed again with this outstanding audible signaling device.




  1. Good info… I am in the market for an underwater noise maker for my up coming Trip back to Grand Bahama Island to get in some Great Diving with Fred and Melinda Riger at!

  2. Always

  3. Yep, that exact one pictured!

  4. I have that one too but its not very effective

  5. I dive for peace of mind and piece and quite. I believe in safely but too many use these things for “look at me, can you hear me now” stuff. I hate diving with those types.

  6. Nope…if I need attention, I bang something on my tank, but don’t carry anything extra to make noise.

  7. most often ends up being noise pollution (and concur that we dive for peace of mind and quiet) and these rarely actually get someone’s attention.

  8. I have 2..and an inflatable rescue tube….tide took my son out of sight of the boat once…it was after that that we all geared up….

  9. No. But I’ve always thought it’d be a good idea.

  10. Is there any negative impact on marine life when using these types of devices?

  11. We always just used our knife to knock on our tanks if we ever wanted to get in touch with someone.

  12. We always just used our knife to knock on our tanks if we ever wanted to get in touch with someone.

  13. We always just used our knife to knock on our tanks if we ever wanted to get in touch with someone.

  14. We always just used our knife to knock on our tanks if we ever wanted to get in touch with someone.

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