Great Wetsuit Packages Under $200

In today’s economy, it is becoming more important for consumers to make wise decisions when it comes to necessities as well as wants, to ensure they are getting a good value and a durable product. SCUBA gear isn’t exactly the type of product you can get for pennies on the dollar, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t good deals to be had. Whether you are a SCUBA beginner or a seasoned pro, you can find great prices on many items at LeisurePro, and their package deals are some of the best. Here are a few of our top picks.

Henderson Men’s Cold Water Wetsuit Package – $199.94

Henderson has a long-standing history of quality and innovation, and you can rest assured that you are getting a good product when you choose them for your wetsuit needs. This Henderson cold water package for men includes a 7mm John and jacket that will keep you insulated from the cold while maintaining its outstanding neoprene memory. The John features gel pads in the knees, and extra padding along the spine to protect your back from the impact of your tanks. A full-length diagonal zipper on the jacket makes for easy don and doff. The package also includes 5mm zippered boots, 5mm gloves, and a 6.5mm hood, all from Blue Reef. Plus, to keep your wetsuit in top shape, you’ll find a wetsuit hanger, shampoo, and bacteria-ridding solution packet! If you live in an area where cold water diving is the norm, this is a great wetsuit package to own.

Pinnacle Cruiser Women’s Jumpsuit Package – $189.95

Pinnacle is another great choice in SCUBA apparel, as their main priority is warmth and durability. This Pinnacle women’s package is great for the perfect amount of protection in cooler waters. The package stars Pinnacle’s 5mm Cruiser women’s wetsuit, which features titanium-lined neoprene, thick rubber shoulder and knee pads, and 10mm spine padding, and their very own Merino wool lining in the entire suit. For extra warmth, the package includes 5mm zippered boots and gloves, as well as a 6.5mm hood, with a 3mm face/neck seal and bib that are easily trimmed to each diver’s specifications. Along with a handy wetsuit hanger and suit shampoo, you’ll stay extra dry with the Body Rag dive towel, designed to quickly wick moisture away from the skin on one side, while retaining some on the other side to cool your skin in the sun. For temperate water zones, this package will suit a variety of needs.

Blue Reef 3mm Shorty Package – $94.95

This 3mm package from Blue Reef is available in both men’s and women’s sizes, perfect for those tropical waters that don’t require a whole wetsuit. The package includes a 3mm shorty suit, beanie hood, sport glove, and mid-cut dive slippers, as well as a wetsuit hanger, shampoo, and an odor-eliminating soak for your neoprene goods. Whether you always dive in warm waters, or you want to have appropriate gear for when you do, this package is a steal!


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