Don’t Forget to Bring a Towel!

Why are his eyes red? Chlorine. From the pool.

You’d think that the forethought to bring a towel when diving would be intrinsic to the activity, but there are always times when the towel gets lost in the mix, left behind to the advantage of absolutely no one. Meanwhile, someone else is stuck sharing their towel with you, and only one of you gets to experience its dry warmth before the hand-off. That’s not what you’re looking for.

But say you do remember to bring a towel. And drop it in the dirt. Or the water. Or it’s been used a couple times already and is now just a wet towel. Or maybe you left your towel in the trunk after the last dive and it smells like the bottom of a garbage can. Wouldn’t it be great if you could eliminate all of these negative scenarios with one cool towel?

You’d buy that, you say? Well of course you would! The humble towel has long held an important place in human history, and perhaps the universe, if you are familiar with Doug Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

"Hey, can I borrow that?"

The towel, according to Adams, “is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have.” I think we here on Earth will agree that a towel can indeed save the day. The lack of one can create discomfort on many levels.

When choosing a towel for any kind of outdoor activity, be it diving, hiking, swimming, or whatever you enjoy, a critical aspect of the towel is going to be portability. Next, a good travel towel should be made of a material that absorbs water and repels dirt, to a certain extent. It should be washable, and preferably compact. Here are a few really good towels for the outdoor adventurer.

Body Rag Cool N Dry Towel

The Body Rag Cool N Dry towel is an altogether different towel experience due to the fact that it is made of micro-porous polymer sponge material. One side has a smooth texture that quickly absorbs moisture, while the other side is textured to retain a bit of moisture. The purpose of this is two-fold: the smooth side dries you off; the textured side cools your skin under the hot sun! The Cool N Dry is highly absorbent and durable, and at just 33 x 13 inches, it is an efficient towel in a convenient travel size.

Aqua Micronet Advanced Micro Terry Towel
$22.95 – $26.95

If you’re looking for more of a traditional towel, but still don’t want the bulk of a bath or beach towel, check out the Micronet Advanced Micro Terry towel. Just like the name says, this towel is made of microfiber terrycloth, which is popular for its soft, cozy feeling on the skin. In addition to being soft, this towel wicks away moisture quickly, and compresses down into a small mesh carrying case with a handle. You have your choice of two sizes, both of which are pretty sizeable for their compact nature: 30 x 50 inches, or 35 x 62 inches.

Aqua Micronet Advanced Micro Suede Towel
$17.95 – $26.95

This towel is the cousin of the above-mentioned microfiber terrycloth; this towel is made of microfiber suede. This material can hold up to 5 times its weight in water, and the microfiber suede ensures lightning-fast drying. There are no chemical treatments on the towel, meaning that the texture of the material will hold up through several washes. It also doubles as a chamois cloth, providing a lint-free and spotless shine on glass, and removes dirt and oil from skin. The Micronet Advanced Micro Suede towel is machine washable, and comes in 4 sizes ranging from 10 x 20 inches to 35 x 62 inches. It also squeezes down into a small mesh carrying case, making this a great all-purpose towel for any outdoor trip.

The importance of the towel should never be trivialized, especially when water is to be involved. You’ll be thanking yourself indefinitely every time you don’t forget to bring a towel!

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  1. Use a dry suit and you won’t need one :)

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