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Summer’s not over yet, and we’ve got some great raffle prizes for you to win in the month of August!

In-Store Raffle at LeisurePro’s Showroom

Manhattan, New York

Wenger Sierra Travel Bag Set

Wenger Sierra Travel Bag Set

Traveling with all your SCUBA gear just got easier with this awesome Sierra Travel Bag Set from Wenger. Each rolling bag features a telescoping locking handle, a padded carrying handle on the top, and a webbed nylon handle on the lower end of the bag for easy transport anywhere. An interior pocket organizer helps keep smaller items secure, and the external zippered wet bag keeps wet bathing suits or small pieces of SCUBA gear away from dry items. Each bag also has external compression straps to tighten up the overall profile, and three accessible outer compartments for efficient organization. The bags are 27″ and 21″, and are available in black or red.

Two ways to enter the in-store raffle:

  1. Visit the LeisurePro showroom in Manhattan, NY, and let a staff member know you want to enter the raffle.
  2. Check in on Foursquare while you’re there, show it to a staff member, and receive another entry just like that!


Facebook Raffle

Oceanic GEO 2.0 Wrist Computer

Oceanic GEO 2.0 Wrist Computer

A wrist computer is basically an essential piece of dive gear these days, and the GEO 2.0 Wrist Computer from Oceanic is perfect for beginner divers and old hats alike. With the clear digital readout, you’ll have quick access to all the important information during your dive, such as depth, water temperature, length of your dive, and more, with easy to use controls. It can store log information for up to 24 dives, and can compute for two nitrox mixes up to 100 percent as well as regular air, allowing you to use it for a variety of dives. It even includes a free digital online class to help you get familiar with the functions as soon as possible!


As always, we will also be giving away one (1) $50 gift card and two (2) $25 gift cards, so be sure you enter to win!

For Official Raffle Rules and Procedures, click here


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