Cool SCUBA Cameras

Underwater photography is a popular hobby for many SCUBA divers for obvious reasons, but it can be intimidating for some due to the technical nature of composing pictures while maneuvering in an environment less hospitable to humans than land. You’ve got to control your buoyancy, keep an eye on your dive buddy, manage currents — and that’s all while you’re trying to get close enough to your subject to get a good shot. Fortunately, there are cameras on the market today that are simplified enough to easily use underwater, but still produce great results. Check out these cool SCUBA cameras you can find at LeisurePro!

Sealife SL700 DC1200 Digital Camera
This 12 megapixel digital camera is a great choice for any level of photographer for its simplistic design and adaptability for accessories. The powerful 25x zoom will help you get closer to your subjects than may be physically possible. The DC1200 features 4 underwater modes to correct green and blue color saturation at different depths, as well as 12 modes for use on land. The camera can be set to take pictures at intervals of 3 seconds to 60 minutes, for those camera-shy creatures you can’t seem to catch in time. The housing is rated for 200 feet, and makes underwater use a breeze with its “piano key” function buttons, which can be easily accessed even with gloves on. This camera would make a great gift for a budding SCUBA photographer.

Liquid Image Digital Underwater Camera & Video Mask
This SCUBA toy is one that every diver should get to try, and at such an affordable price, why wouldn’t you want to? The Liquid Image camera/video mask is a fun and hassle-free way to catch underwater video footage without having to reach for your camera or stabilize your hands. Up to 160 minutes of continuous recording is possible with an 8GB memory card, and you can dive with your mask up to 65 feet, allowing plenty of time and space to capture your dive. Switching between photo and video mode happens with the push of only one button, and transferring footage to your computer is as easy as plugging in the USB cord. You’ll never miss a shot while fumbling for your camera again!



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