3 Ways to Make Gearing Up Easier

gearing upLike any SCUBA diver, we here at Aquaviews are always devising ways we can streamline the gear donning process. Doffing isn’t so much of an issue because you’re typically a little spent and more focused on soaking up the sun’s rays (and possibly a bottle of suds) than getting loaded up and on your way. But when you’re ready to dive, few things are more frustrating than little hiccups that just seem to waste everyone’s time. So on that note, we bring you three simple ways to make gearing up an easier process than we all sometimes tend to make it!

Keep Your Gear Organized

The very first thing you can do is keep your gear organized — on a constant basis! Not only is proper organization going to enable you to gear up more quickly before a dive, you will always be able to keep tabs on the condition and quality of your gear. If you’re the type of diver that throws everything into a gear bag that then gets thrown into the garage, we have to wonder why you bother owning your own gear! Take care to rinse all your gear after the dive, and be sure it is fully dry before putting it in storage. Then when you are ready to go on the next dive, every piece of gear will be easy to find and ready to go, right where you left it before.

Always Carry a Plastic Shopping Bag

Have you ever seen (or been) the diver hopping around on one foot, desperately trying to shove your feet and hands into a tight wetsuit? Some divers recommend liquid dish soap or lotion as a solution to this, but these can be messy and, depending on the substance you use, could contain ingredients that will damage your suit. The super easy quick fix is as readily available as it is innocuous (provided you keep it out of the water!): a plastic shopping bag. Just slide it over each hand and foot before you put that part of the wetsuit on and you have a mess-free, slick way to get into your wetsuit easily. 

Help Others

043011-N-MU720-029If you see someone floundering around or just generally looking lost, don’t be afraid to help them out if you know what to do. You can do it simply just by sharing the points of this guide! SCUBA diving is not a contest; there should be no air of competition when diving in groups. If someone needs help, offer it, and if you don’t know, help them find out. New divers are typically intimidated by other experienced divers when they first start out and may feel shy about asking for help. Why not alleviate their fears and just step up?

Diving often has restrictions, like tides and available daylight, that require it be done during certain periods of time, so it is important to be ready to go at the prescribed time to ensure you get the most out of your dive.

Images via Arun KatiyarOfficial U.S. Navy Imagery


  1. I liked the article on “3 ways to make gearing up easier”. I didn’t know about the plastic shopping bag trick. I’ll try that on my next dive. Thank you!

  2. Practical information but very informative. Like using a plastic bag to assist in putting on wet suit. Also, the idea of constantly organizing ones gear, which allows you to know the condition of each item.

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