3 Types of SCUBA Scooters

SCUBA scooters are basically a form of underwater scuba diving equipment that is designed to extend the range at which SCUBA divers can travel underwater. The way this works is by allowing the diver to be pulled along by the scooter, meaning that less energy will have to be exerted over the length of the swim. While there are many different varieties of SCUBA scooters, let’s take a look at just three of those types here.

Wet Sub

scuba scooter

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A wet sub is one of the bigger SCUBA scooters available and is a highly attractive option for those that can afford it. It is referred to as a wet sub due primarily to the fact that it is shaped in a similar fashion as a submarine. Though they have been used by the military and specifically in a number of operations, they are available to consumers as well. When operating this scooter, the area within the enclosed sub is flooded, meaning that the diver must be in full SCUBA gear the entire time. The primary power source is most commonly an electric battery, though there are some wet subs that are solely pedal powered by the occupant.



scuba scooter

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A Subskimmer is a rather large form of a SCUBA scooter that can carry 3 people or more. It is unique in the fact that it can be used as a boat when inflated and a SCUBA scooter when deflated. When divers take it underwater, it is powered by 2 thrusters attached to the cross beam towards the front of the mechanism. Once underwater, the diver must be in full gear.


Tow-Behind Scooters

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Tow-behind scooters are generally the most common type of SCUBA scooter available. These are simple machines that work by having the diver hold onto the handles that are placed onto the stern, or the back, of the scooter. The wash that propels the scooter forward will be just below the diver, while the diver will be harnessed to the scooter by their waist. This harness is clasped securely to the scooter and allows for the diver to safely travel through deeper waters.

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