3 Reasons to Wear Dive Gloves

dive gloves

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To wear or not to wear, that is the question divers often ask themselves when it comes to donning dive gloves. In some places, it isn’t allowed by local regulations, but in all others, they should be considered an essential piece of exposure protection. If you need some convincing, here are just three good reasons to wear gloves on your dives.

Cold Water

Even in relatively warm water, some divers can experience extreme discomfort in their hands caused by prolonged exposure. In cool water, the experience is far more common and uncomfortable. A good pair of dive gloves is a good defense against this. Colder water necessitates heavier gloves, but divers should try not to sacrifice too much dexterity in exchange for warmth. After all, too much impediment can be just as uncomfortable as the cold. Choosing the right gloves for the environment is important.

Sharp Objects

The marine world is home to more sharp objects than one might believe, including everything from reefs to sharp edges on boat ladders, plus some underwater life with piercing spines. Dive gloves may not offer 100 percent protection, but they are preferable to facing any number of things down there barehanded. For those with added concerns, different glove types offer varying levels of protection. The best gloves combine safety with ease of movement.

Marine Life Bites and Stings

Much like the reason above, this one has to with safety around the denizens of the underwater kingdom. While dive gloves will not offer much in the way of protection from a great white shark attack, they may be sufficient to prevent nuisance bites or accidental stings, such as those from the smaller rays or jelly fish. For SCUBA divers who engage in the questionable pastime of fish petting, gloves are certainly an advisable equipment option to avoid nips or rough scales.


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