LeisurePro Participates in Wounded Warrior Event on Bonaire

wounded warriors event bonaireThe Wounded Warrior Project has been pivotal in helping servicemen and women who have sustained physical or mental injuries as a result of their time spent in combat since September 1, 2001 to regain confidence, strength, and purpose, regardless of the nature of their wounds.

The program includes activities to engage the body as well as the mind, with SCUBA diving being one of the areas in which wounded soldiers can excel. The lack of gravitational challenges and therapeutic properties of water are immensely valuable to those suffering from severe injuries, making diving an effective means of both physical and psychological rehabilitation.

In a wonderful show of support, the island of Bonaire along with Tourism Corporation Bonaire have been holding Wounded Warriors dive events for the last 8 years in a row, this year’s which commenced yesterday, August 16, and will run through August 24. The event, sponsored by a wealth of organizations, businesses, dive gear manufacturers, and others from both Bonaire and the US, will host 12 Wounded Warriors who have received significant injuries during their service in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Each will go through training to attain PADI dive certifications, and upon completion, will continue to dive throughout the week at Bonaire’s most famous dive sites. They will also be attending the island’s Taste of Bonaire, featuring local cuisine from chefs of the region, as well as sight-seeing and exploring the island when not diving. It is a truly spectacular event that offers priceless opportunities to the men and women that have served to protect the United States.

Among the sponsors is Omnicom Media Group, who has graciously purchased and donated regulators, computers, and BCDs for each participant. Oceanic will also be donating masks, fins, and snorkels from their USA line, providing each new diver with the necessary equipment to dive wherever they choose after the event. LeisurePro is showing their support by sponsoring a lunch during the event as well. If you are interested in an opportunity to contribute in any way to the Wounded Warrior Program, check out their site for more information.

On behalf of everyone at LeisurePro, we would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to all the brave servicemen and women of the US.

Image via Bonaire Insider

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