Diver: Deep Water Adventures- A Scuba Simulation Game

PC Video games on Scuba Diving are a rare find, and when you do chance upon one, they are usually greatly disappointing. However there are some true Scuba Simulation gems out there and one of them is Diver: Deep Water Adventure.

The Diver series of Scuba games is created by a Russian software company BiArt, and released Diver: Deep Water Adventure in 2006. The game features realistic 3D rendered life-like  underwater environments,  a complex diving simulation experience, a rare combination of adventure, strategy and action and several realistic  dive sites that will keep any gamer spellbound.

Just like any Scuba Diver’s Dream come true, the game begins with you having to earn your living by diving and completing a series of scuba adventures after you succeed in passing your initial dive certification course  in a series of artificial environments which helps you get a hang of the game controls. Through the game you can purchase all the scuba diving equipment you will need to complete each one of your underwater missions.

The story revolves around two main characters Andy and Nicole who face off against a sinister archeological group Izen Cross in their search for the sunken city of Atlantis. This quest leads you from the mysterious waters of the Loch Ness, to those of the Bermuda Triangle, while completing a series of activities like taking photos of species of fish, treasure hunting, researching sunken submarines and wreck dives.

All your dive information, Air, Depth, compass, water temperature etc is viewable on your BCD console gauge which you bring up by pressing a key and it suddenly appears in your divers left hand, making the game play highly realistic. The 3D rendered manta rays that gracefully glide by or the sunken submarine penetration dives are simply stunning and truly immerse the player into the game. The ability during the game to use your underwater camera and take photographs of the passing fish and dive site is a great feature of the game.

Overall Verdict- Diver: Deepwater Adventure is a great game for gamers looking for something different and an even better game for Scuba Divers as they will appreciate the mixture of realistic scuba simulation with the fun but not so realistic ability to shoot at passing sharks with a spear gun while exploring fascinating dive sites in almost lifelike rendering. If you’re interested in giving the game a try head on to diver3d.com and download a free trial of the game and experience it for yourself.


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