Amazing Videos:World Champion Free Diver Free Falls into Blue Hole

World famous French free-diver Guillaume Nery who currently holds the world record for constant weight free diving (without fins) to a depth of 113 meters (370 feet), showcases his artistic side in a stunning video which went instantly popular.

The world champion freediver took time off during a freediving competition at Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas (the World’s second deepest blue hole which plunges 202 meters/663 ft to the ocean floor) to make a short movie that emphasizes aesthetic images and innovative camera moves. The video featuring Guillaume Nery base jumping underwater into the depths of the Blue hole, takes your breath away just watching it. However, Nery clarified earlier rumors that he never reached the bottom which is at an impossible depth of 663 feet! Impressively enough though, the video is filmed entirely on breath hold by Guillaume’s girlfriend and french champion Julie Gautier.


  1. Clarification – Guillaume was the former world record holder of Constant Weight with fins at 113M. Currently it's Herbert Nitsch at 124M. William Trubridge holds the current record for Constant Weight no fins at 95 meters. Source:

  2. just wow.

  3. Why is it he doesn't need to swim downward when he dives? Naturally, we float. Why does he just fall effortlessly into the hole without ever really trying to even create downward force?

    • Take a wild guess.

    • ballroller says:

      Your assumption is incorrect. We don't "naturally float". In fact, the less body fat you have, the less buoyancy you have. And this guy is pretty slim. In addition, the buoyancy of his wetsuit diminishes as the air cells compress at greater depth.

    • Notice the belt with lead weights on it. Also, by being still he consumes less oxygen, therefore being able to last longer underwater.

    • Kurayami says:

      Yeah, ballroller is right on this one. Our buoyancy is pretty dependent on our body fat percentage. When I weighed 260, it was a challenge just getting under the water. At 170 I sink like a rock.

    • Displacement says:

      It also has to do with the angle at which he is falling. Notice how right after hejumps off the cliff he falls almost head first. His body in this position will displace much less water than if he were to be lay parallel to the surface. Displacement is what keeps ships made of steel floating when they are positioned normally in the water. But if you take the ship and put it in the water nose first, it will sink.

      • Displacement doesn't work like that. think of an icicle. It will float on its side, or you can hold it underwater (like a person diving head first) and you can feel it will still want to float.

        you're thinking though, i like that. puts you above most people.

      • you sir, are an idiot.
        the angle in which you are at has no relation to how much space you take up, which in turn has no impact on his buoyancy. the steep angle is only to provide less resistance on his fall downwards

      • Wrong…displacement doesn't change at any angle, if you put a ship in nose first it will sink because water will go over the deck and there will be less air displaced above the waterline. The size of his body, nor the air in it changes therefore his displacement doesn't change…he sinks because he's wearing a weight, it was the first thing I looked for when he dove down and there it was….

    • Look on his back, just above the waist. See that grey block? It's made of lead. This enough weight to overwhelm the natural buoyancy of the human body…therefor he sinks.
      Also. notice that on the way back up he climbs the wall instead of floating up wards.

  4. Just wow indeed.

  5. that breath of air probably felt so good

  6. StrangeEarth says:

    Stuff that! I used to have nightmares like that!

  7. @Derek not everyone floats, if you have a lean enough body, you won't float, but that is at the surface. Once you start to descend, Boyles law takes over and all the air in your body compresses to smaller spaces, making you less boyant still. Past 30-40 feet, most people will sink instead of float. Go deep enough, and everyone falls like a stone.

    • Brin Hi, What sort of depth do you think he got to? 30m?

    • sorry you are entirely incorrect. he has a weight belt on which is why he needs to climb back out of the hole instead of simply floating up.

      • Newbie_01 says:

        Always wondered why moving compressed air from your tank to your BC changes your buoyancy. In a submarine they "blow" ballast tanks, which removes the seawater making the sub lighter & hence naturally will rise. In a BC, you are obviously not replacing seawater with air. I am guessing this is something to do with the reason a tank is full of so much compressed air and yet negatively buoyant at the start of a dive & positively buoyant at the end.

  8. Any idea what the tune is?

  9. Track is "Archive:disc" – Levi's compilation. Irma records

  10. That is sexy.

  11. that looks like the BEST FUN EVER.

  12. Horrible sound track spoils this adventure

  13. imagol4 says:

    Really — Who cares? This is the most ill-advised use of one's spare time imaginable. It serves absolutely no purpose. None. It doesn't improve their physical condition, in fact they must already be in nearly perfect physical condition prior to attempting this activity. It doesn't improve their mental function, quite the opposite in fact, depriving the brain of oxygen causes irreversible damage, and that is regardless of their physical condition. It is not a "spectator" sport since no-one can see them below about 50 feet.

    • oh shut the f&&& up and just be impressed.

      • Thank u Bob. Who cares? Don’t care who cares. I think that doing what he does is a lot better then doing drugs or criminal activity or being angry with others cause of what they do. In his, “spare time” May not serve a purpose for you but it may serve a purpose for him and you should not have to worry about that. I disagree with “doesn’t improve mental function” maybe it does, for him. depriving the brain of oxygen sure does cause damage, but this situation doesn’t fall under that category. people swim all the time. He certainly isn’t depriving his brain of oxygen. To be honest it sounds like you’re the one who cares cuz it seems like it bothers you that he likes to do that type of activity in his spare time. everybody has different things they like to do in their spare time. Looks like you spend yr spare time angry at what others do in theirs.

    • Willy Wonka says:

      People do things to have fun. Having fun does not have to serve a purpose other than just having fun. Is it such a bad thing to have fun if it serves no constructive purpose? I am sorry that you are unfortunately a fun sucker. You should try having fun sometime, it turns out that it's…really fun.

    • Firstly if you knew anything about free-diving you wouldn't have written all that crap above;
      1. Its actually a very healthy sport for body & mind. It improves health & body conditioning in many ways normal healthy people would never experience, vast changes occur to the body to cope with incredible pressure & endurance, not to mention extremely long breath holds, that normal people, even top athletes could never come near to achieving.
      2. Any achievement in any sport serves a very important purpose!! Well except to boring stupid idiots like you who aren't impressed with super human achievements. You simply can't be helped! You're probably only impressed with football…..
      3. Safety is very important in free-diving so a proper breath up is always done to ensure enough oxygen for the dive planned. Yes, every dive is planned to the exact depth. Its not just a random thing of "let see what I can do today"
      4. With proper training the divers body changes with the mammalian dive reflex, read up on it wise guy! You may learn something fascinating about the human body & what its capable of.
      5. Clearly you were able to see him on the video you just watched, so please think before you say stupid things about not being able to see him after 50 feet!
      6. This sport takes years of very tough training to get to the levels they are at. Its not something you can just do from day one.
      7. Breathing training for free-divers increases the amount of oxygen to the brain, which as you should know, is good for your brain, not bad for it. Most spend hours a day doing Yoga & meditation.
      8. Get a life & try doing something exciting, fun, energizing or healthy with your dull life. It may make you a bit wiser & get you to do some research before making stupid un-factual comments in the future. Rather just say you are uninterested & don't like it as a sport & don't bother watching the clip. Your personal preference.

  14. they did that right. that was good for the soul to watch, yes

  15. soundtrack is: You make me feel – Archive

  16. Pretty sure Dean's Blue Hole is actually the world's deepest blue hole (not 2nd deepest liked mentioned). There's another deep blue hole by Belize, but its 25 meters shorter than Dean's. Not sure what other blue hole you are thinking of.

    • Like mentioned at the end of the article,the Tamaulipas Blue Hole in Mexico’s Zacatón is 335 meters (1,100 ft) and is the deepest blue hole in the world and Dean's the second at 202 meters (663 ft).

      • Tamaulipas is a sink hole, but not a blue hole. Deans is a sink hole as well as a blue hole, and is undoubtedly the deepest blue hole in the world. There is a sinkhole that's larger than both Tamaulipas and Dean's (El Zacatón), but once again it's a sink hole and not a blue hole.

  17. luckylion5 says:

    Stunning visuals..what a feat! And I LOVE the soundtrack.

  18. Miss DeBirred says:

    SHE did it too!

  19. Hmmm, I remain very sceptical and how come, if he dived so deep, that he (apparently) came up to the surface in one burst.

    • As the body goes deeper and deeper, the air in the lungs is compressed more and more (as are the bubbles in the wetsuit). The weight that he has on his belt remains the same size and mass. The deeper one goes, the less buoyant one becomes.


  20. Those of you wondering the location of Dean's Blue Hole here it is on BlooSee

    It's amazing how well it can be seen in the satellite imagery. The one in Belize is called the Great Blue Hole and it's here:

  21. That is the craziest thing I've ever seen – +10 To AWESOME

  22. Ahhh Nery’s level of consciousness is extraordinarily high… Can someone please make a movie of famous athlete through history that transcend duality?

  23. occasional diver says:

    I would note that's he's probably causing damage to the wall as he climbs back up the wall hand-over-hand. Not only does he seem rather affected with his overly dramatic "falling over the edge" act and the "climbing back out" scene; but he's also irresponsible. We're taught as divers to avoid touching anything natural to avoid damaging the environment.

    • GET A LIFE GREENY GO HUG A TOILET, sick of people like you, what George carlin and learn something.

    • i dont understand why you had to be so “overly dramatic” with your comment mr “occasional diver”. if you only dive “occasionally” then you wouldn’t know any way because you should know that a human hand cannot hurt the sea floor because it is only thing that can fix itself but i guess they didnt teach you that in your diving book….

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