3 Truly Immersive Underwater Resorts

underwater resortsUnderwater resorts may seem like something out of a sci-fi novel or a product of one’s imagination, but there are now several options for these amazing getaways across the globe. From deep in the Persian Gulf to the frigid waters of Sweden, these hotels and resorts offer an experience like nothing else in the world. Take a look at three of the most enticing underwater resorts and what travelers can expect during their stay.

Utter Inn – Sweden

Situated just outside of Stockholm on Lake Mälaren, the Utter Inn has become especially popular with both locals and international travelers alike. While not quite as lavish as other underwater resorts, the Utter Inn has been created to entice those that are especially interested in water sports and marine life. The deck of the inn sits just above water with a small dock for boats and a tiny upstairs cabin. Going down three meters is the sleeping quarters that offer a view of the vibrant marine life that has been rigidly protected by the government.


Water Discus Hotel – Persian Gulf

On the opposite end of the spectrum from the Utter Inn is the Water Discus Hotel. Located in the Persian Gulf just off the coast of Dubai, this is just one more extravagant construction process that Dubai and its residents have become known for. The hotel is comprised of 21 rooms and two parallel discs, one below water and one above. While the final opening date has not been released, construction has begun on the SCUBA training center that is located on the lower deck directly next to the rooms. This is just a virtual tour of what the developers have in mind, and it is mighty impressive!


Jules’ Undersea Lodge – Florida, USA

For SCUBA certified travelers, the Jules’ Undersea Lodge may seem like a simple underwater habitat that was converted into a basic inn. Just outside of Key Largo, Florida, this is one of the leading underwater resorts for the adventurous traveler. Just to get to this hotel, guests must descend 21 feet below the surface of the sea for their own unforgettable night. Once inside, guests have almost nonstop access to personal and guided dives.

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