Spend a Day at Blue Grotto Florida!

blue grotto floridaFor the family or friends that dive together, no group vacation to the Sunshine State would be complete without a trip to its largest underwater cavern: Blue Grotto. Located near Williston, Florida, Blue Grotto will take you to the heart of freshwater spring country on a fascinating tour of a unique underwater cavern.

The water remains a constant 72 degrees all year round, so it’s a great place to visit at any time of the year. The mouth of the cavern, where divers begin the tour, is 80 feet wide and 20 feet high. Visitors can dive to a depth of 100 feet in some of the clearest and bluest you’ll find, with an incredible degree of visibility.

The first thing visitors will notice inside the cavern is the various scratchings on the walls — something that is punishable by law, so don’t even try it! After diving down 30 feet, there is an air bell that allows divers the opportunity to take their regulators out and breathe normally. Lights are also located at 30 feet to illuminate the cavern, offering divers a 360 degree view of their surroundings while in the bell.

As divers continue their descent, they will travel down a large 90 degree sloping shaft, and at a depth of 50 feet, divers will find themselves in a crescent shaped cavern. Fossils cover the walls of the cavern and divers can enjoy aquatic life found here. The silt in the water can be stirred up at a depth of 90 feet, so it is crucial that you only enter this part of the cavern if you can maintain good buoyancy, and stay on the guidelines that are provided. Finally, the cavern floor ends at a depth of 100 feet.

Blue Grotto Florida is known as the safest cavern dive in the area, and divers are only required to have an open water diving certification. Visitors will find picnic tables and a bathhouse available, and they will find Blue Grotto to be a fun and accommodating experience. Check out this training video that all guests are shown from the folks at Blue Grotto Dive Resort to get a better picture of what’s in store at this awesome dive haven.

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  1. New ownership has made some HUGH improvements, new shower, benches, new decks, and I believe opened the cave up (don’t go in unless your cave certified please.)

    Its a great place!

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