3 Places You Can Spearfish with SCUBA Equipment

spearfish with scuba equipmentSpearfishing is a lot of fun. It is especially fun when fishermen can use their SCUBA equipment during their adventures. SCUBA gear helps them stay down longer and get more fish. There are lots of great spearfishing places throughout the world, but there are some that truly stand out above the rest. Here is a look at the top places around the world to spearfish with SCUBA equipment.

Punta Hermosa, Peru

Peru has a lot to offer those who make the journey to check it out. Fishermen who enter the waters off the coast of Punta Hermosa will enjoy a wide range of fish to spear, including yellow tail, grouper, snapper, and amberjack. One of the nice things about spearfishing here is that the current is strong, which makes it a challenge that expert spear fishermen will embrace.

Florida Keys, United States

The state of Florida does not allow for spearfishing onshore. The law states that spearfishing must be done at least three miles offshore. That means that those who want to spearfish here will need to take a boat out to reach the legal spearfishing grounds. It is well worth the effort to enjoy some of the best spearfishing in the world. Some of the best fish to spear in the Florida Keys include grouper, barracuda, hogfish, snapper, jack, and amberjack. It is best to consult with a local guide here to find the best spearfishing spots offshore.

Nosara, Costa Rica

Those who want to enjoy some of the best reef spearfishing in the world will get a thrill out of a trip to Nosara. This tropical paradise offers fishermen the chance to go after fish both inshore and offshore. The inshore favorites include mackerel, lobster, snook, and roosterfish. spearfish with scuba equipmentThe offshore waters of Nosara offer one of the best places to spearfish with SCUBA equipment for tuna. There are also lots of other fish to go after, including wahoo, mahi-mahi, grouper and sailfish. Fishermen who make the trip here will enjoy the crystal clear water that offers visibility levels up to 150 feet. The water temperature ranges between an incredible 79 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit all year round.

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