The Sharks of Malpelo

To the untrained eye, Malpelo Island appears to be nothing more than a barren rock jutting out of the sea, but a closer look reveals one of the world’s premiere shark diving destinations. Located in the Pacific Ocean a little more than 300 miles west of Colombia, Malpelo Island is actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site, wherein many species of flora and fauna are protected by law, and its waters are an established no-fishing zone. This protection has resulted in a flourishing marine ecosystem, and a haven for large pelagic animals like sharks, rays, and whales. Diving expeditions here have witnessed aggregations of a variety of shark species numbering in the hundreds, including hammerhead, silky, and even the deepwater short-nosed ragged-tooth shark, a species that is rarely observed. The waters surrounding Malpelo Island are deep and full of nutrients, promoting an abundance of pelagic marine life. Check out this amazing footage of the schools of sharks that can be seen at Malpelo Island.

Image via daren_ck


  1. Brings back very fond memories of diving Cocos Island….

  2. Wow.

  3. Stolen.

  4. Beautiful

  5. Amazing, wish I was there!

  6. Nice, Makes our great white in Maui look lonely.

  7. Malpelo along with other places like Cartagena, Santa Marta, Capurgana are ideal diving places in Colombia.

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