Egypt’s Dazzling Elphinstone Reef

Amazement  at Elphinstone Reef, Red Sea, Egypt #SCUBAThe Red Sea has no shortage of beautiful dive sites and wreck dives for the adventure-seeking diver, but one location that should not be passed up is the dazzling Elphinstone Reef. Measuring 300 meters in length, divers will be treated to innumerable aggregations of colorful reef fish flitting about within the amazing array of soft and hard corals. Larger species like Napoleonfish, tuna, jacks, and snappers can be found schooling around Elphinstone, and moray eels can be found resting between huge Gorgonian fans and sea whips.

This deep dive site includes plateaus of lush coral gardens and an archway at roughly 50 meters, but the real attraction here is the steep walls that plunge up to 100 meters beneath the surface. Because of the strong currents, Elphinstone Reef is a great drift diving opportunity, but the depth and the currents combined make it more suitable for experienced, advanced divers. Manta rays can be seen from late spring throughout the summer, and sightings of a variety of sharks, including oceanic whitetips, tigers, and hammerheads are a distinct possibility in the late fall and early winter months.

Elphinstone Reef is not accessible without a boat, and most of the liveaboard boats in the region make this reef a definite stop on their itinerary. Check out this lovely video of what you can expect to see at one of southern Egypt’s most renown reefs.


Image via Derek Keats



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