Curacao Diving: An Unforgettable Caribbean Experience

curacao divingThe Caribbean is loaded with places for divers to explore some of the best sights the sea has to offer, but if you’re looking for a place in which you can undertake your own shore dives, or just a mellow day of snorkeling, Curacao diving has unmatched possibilities.

Scuba Diving Magazine’s readers voted Curacao as one of the top 3 locations for both snorkeling and shore diving in 2012, and you can bet that their recommendation will meet or even exceed your expectations. Sixty-five different snorkeling and dive sites are situated within 40 individual areas, each offering their own brand of spectacular topography.

Wall dives, wreck dives, and places that harbor specific species are found in abundance in Curacao, with a diverse array of underwater landscapes to choose from. If you do want to get out deeper than a shore dive will take you, the island has a number of reputable dive operators to choose from, including liveaboard boats that will allow you to immerse yourself fully in your dive experience and enjoy the company of other divers from around the world.

For those that have never dipped further below the surface than a lungful of air will allow, Curacao is the perfect place to introduce eligible-age children and adults to the world of SCUBA diving, as there are plenty of certification opportunities available here.

So when you’re ready to take the plunge into an unforgettable Caribbean experience, be sure to put Curacao diving at the top of your list!


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  1. Curaçao is incredible!

  2. It is amazing and great for new divers as well as experienced!

  3. Been there LOVED IT

  4. See these in Bonaire <3

  5. Great place to dive, highly recommend it. Great people and try the iguana, it’s very good.

  6. Heading there next month.

  7. Honeymooned at Habitat Curaçao.

  8. Roatan…

  9. Jason Parker says:

    Bring extra cash for taxi fare on Curacao. It’s impressively expensive. $55 from the port to a beach close by (and another $55 to get back!). I spent a week on the Freewinds diving the ABC’s but wasn’t able to round up anyone to share a taxi in Curacao and decided it wasn’t worth it.
    Aruba is great and reasonable; you can fill a taxi van with up to 8 people for just $10 TOTAL FARE. Bonaire is excellent; the entire island is a marine preserve; as far as I can tell, you can just get out of the car somewhere and dive in.

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