3 Best Dive Sites of the Bahamas

Littered with 700 islands and more than 2,400 coral cays, the Bahamas gives access to bathwater warm temperatures, stunning historic wrecks, and world class diving of every type. Bahamas diving is popular because it has many shallow shipwrecks, which means less-experienced divers can enjoy what may otherwise be out of their depth. The James Bond shipwrecks in Nassau are one of the most popular places in the Bahamas for divers to explore, and the crystal clear waters guarantee maximum visibility. When diving these islands, many people choose to dive from a liveaboard because it allows them to sample numerous sites on one continuous trip. Bearing that in mind, here are three of the best dive sites of the Bahamas that should be at the top of your bucket list.

 New Providence Island

best dive sites

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In the last 300 years, countless vessels sank close to Nassau. Checking with local dive shops will reveal that almost all of them will know about the best wreck sites, including The Willaurie, Bahama Mama, Steel Forest, and the Caribe Breeze. Another must-see underwater attraction would be the gardens of Elkhom coral, a living organism with many complex and large branches that resemble elk antlers. A diver’s favorite is definitely Shark Wall, which is 10 miles off New Providence’s southwest coast. It has colorful sea life and the healthiest offshore coral.


Harbour Island

best dive sites

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Harbour Island, 10 minutes from the Eleuthera Bahamas, has healthy coral and a wide range of colorful fish. One of the unique experiences in Harbour Island is the Current Cut. This exciting underwater gully will take divers on a swift moving underwater current for more than 10 minutes. At depths of less than 39 feet, there are four popular shipwrecks here, and one is a wrecked barge that was transporting the engine of a steam locomotive in 1865. The American Confederacy reportedly sold the engine to raise funding for the war.


Lucayan National Park

best dive sites

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Located on Grand Bahama, Lucayan National Park is the site for an underground cave system that is 6 miles long. The largest cave provides spiral staircases that help visitors to reach a freshwater underground world. Some area species include shrimp, freshwater eels, mosquito fish, and a species of crustacean that is only found at Lucayan National Park. Offering the world’s longest cave system, the area has become steadily popular among certified cave divers.

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