Experience Portugal’s Archipelago of the Azores

azoresWhile most people associate island diving with tropical climes and bathwater warm seas, Portugal’s Archipelago of the Azores offers experiences that are easily on par with any swaying palm tree locale. Crystal clear waters characterize this European dive destination, and while the waters may not be as warm as many other island regions of the world, the array of marine life that can be found here more than makes up for it.

Comprised of nine islands, all of the Azores can be dived, and each offers something different from the rest. Their remote location in the North Atlantic adjacent to the nutrient-rich Gulf Stream make them prime grounds for many species of cetaceans, sea turtles, rays, sharks, pelagic fish, and even smaller fish that are often found within the warmer waters of the Mediterranean and tropical Atlantic. Whale and blue sharks are a special attraction here, patrolling deep blue waters where the seabed rests at as much as 1,000 feet.

But the incredible marine life isn’t the only shining star of the Azores — shipwrecks and impressive rock formations created by volcanic activity are also major attractions for adventure-seeking divers who want to experience a little of everything. Check out this incredible footage giving you a sneak peek of all that the Archipelago of the Azores has to offer.

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