5 of the World’s Most Awesome Lakes to SCUBA Dive

While lake diving is often thought of more of a training ground for more complex sea dives, don’t count out lakes for offering just as adventurous and beautiful diving experiences. As with any dive, research the best seasons to visit each location before setting your dive date to ensure the best weather and diving conditions, as well as that you have the proper equipment.┬áHere are 5 of the world’s most awesome lakes to SCUBA dive at some point in your life.


Lake Malawi – East Africa

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Lake Malawi is one of the world’s largest lakes to SCUBA dive in. Ranked as the eight largest in the world, Lake Malawi boasts nearly 1,000 species of freshwater fish among its beautiful turquoise water. With warm water and nearly glass like visibility, this lake is great for those who typically enjoy more tropical diving.


Lake Superior – Northeastern US

lakes to SCUBA dive in

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Lake Superior supplies some of the best wreck diving when it comes to lakes. A benefit to this location is that shipwrecks are located both in easy dive locations and those for the more advanced. For example the Ely sits at only 25 feet, while the USCGC Mesquite wreck takes divers below 110 feet. Other wreck dive sites include the Madeira and the Hesper.


Green Lake – Tragoess, Austria

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Green Lake is often referred to as an underwater hiking experience. During the snow melt season water levels of the lake rise and cover trees, grass, walkways, and benches. This effect creates one of the most surreal and relaxing underwater “parks” in the world.


Lake Baikal – Irkutsk, Russia

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For those who favor ice diving, Lake Baikal provides some of the most incredible underwater sites. Lake Baikal ranks as the second largest freshwater reservoir and is located in the heart of Siberia. Experience fields of bright green sponges, groups of Omul salmon and you may even spot a nerpa seal depending on the season.


Bonne Terre Mine Lake – Missouri, US

lakes to SCUBA dive in

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While not your traditional lake, the Bonne Terre Mine marks one of the most unique lakes to SCUBA dive in. Located at the bottom of a mine, this lake holds treasure in the form of mining artifacts including a favorite for divers, the original elevator shaft. With its relatively protected location from the weather, the Bonne Terre Mine boasts 100 feet of visibility throughout the year.


  1. Another awesome dive, similar to the mine shown above.

  2. thebadfrog says:

    Last I heard, an underground mine is not a lake. Had dealings with them years ago, they would not let us dive because we were CAVE CERTIFIED and they didn’t want to let our dive shop dive there.

  3. How about Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire? Checkout my Dive Charter @

  4. Boone Terre is nice but by the time you leave your wallet will be empty. These folks want about $300 for four dives. If you can’t carry your weights up and down into the mine they will charge you another $50 to use their weights. I know several divers that have will not dive there because of the hi prices.

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