5 Best Dive Sites of Cozumel

Cozumel has become one of the most well-known SCUBA diving destinations in the world, for the seemingly endless array of sights and adventures. Along with the abundant schools of fish and the amazing views, Cozumel provides the avid SCUBA diver with an exceptional array of dive sites. The island presents a location that is among the best diving reefs in the world. It is home to numerous underwater vistas for all levels of SCUBA divers to enjoy.

Cozumel is the Mexican Caribbean’s most significant island, just 12 miles from the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. The island is 28 miles by 10 miles wide, but it is bursting with dive opportunities. Even though it is a SCUBA diving mecca with decades of tourism, it still remains a quiet, serene, and largely undiscovered piece of paradise. Check out 5 of our favorite dive sites in Cozumel.

Palancar Reef
Palancar Reef is an excellent dive site for individuals not yet confident in their diving skills to people who have a few years’ experience. Stretching three and a half miles, the massive coral clusters are vibrant with literally thousands of coral species interspersed with purple and orange sponges. The calm ocean currents typically provide numerous photo opportunities. Palancar Reef also has lots of deep crevices that often showcase colorful reef fish.

Colombia Wall
Colombia Wall is over 90 feet high, with stunning caves, tunnels and caverns. Extremely large marine life such as sea turtles, eagle rays, and large barracuda can often be seen in the ocean water. You can expect to see massive coral pillars, some more than 60 feet tall! Watch out for blue tang here, also known as surgeonfish for their scalpel-sharp tail appendages.

Santa Rosa Wall
Santa Rosa Wall is one of the most popular deep dives. The wall begins at 50 feet and drops even deeper in the blue ocean water. Santa Rosa Wall also offers enormous sponges, huge overhangs of stony coral with lots of caves and swim through tunnels. Sea turtles and eagle rays can also be seen, as well as large grouper fish.

Paradise Beach
Paradise Beach is an excellent beach dive for both day and night, and is located north of Caleta. Due to its close proximity to Caleta, a lot of dive shops use this area for certification dives, so it is not unusual to see diving equipment and numerous people on the beach. If you’re a first-timer to SCUBA diving, this would be a great place to start. The shallow reefs provide plenty of opportunities to see crustaceans, angelfish, and many other brightly colored tropical species.

Punta Tunich
Punta Tunich offers swift currents on a daily basis. From the sand bottom of 70 feet, to the long extended ridges of coral that rises between 40 to 60 feet from the sand dunes, Punta Tunich offers spectacular views that must be seen. Sea fans, whips, and gorgonians will be abundant here, and beneath the coral overhangs dotted with sponges, you will find resident fishes like snapper and grunt.

Photos via Serge MelkiSkinned Minkluist & his inner pig


  1. J. RUSSELL says:


  2. I went on a cruise to cozumel this past april, I dived the Santa Rosa Wall, first time diving in the ocean. LOVED IT!!

  3. Devils Throat 😉

  4. I was last winter in Cozumel , almost every time with cruise 😀 only snorkeling but was amazing …

  5. San Juan and Barracuda… life transforming experience. Absolutely unique and mind blowing experience…

  6. Best dives ever. Sand dollar sports!

  7. All the dives were drift dives and were great. I would like to dive the Cenotes though. Anyone done that dive?

  8. Santa Rosa wall

  9. I’m very interested in this thread – my wife and I are going there over Christmas for our anniversary. Is there a good site to see lots of sharks?

  10. Santa Rosa Wall, Punta Sur, El Gorgon del Diablo, El Cedral, and evrything else. I LOVE CZM!

  11. Devils throat is one – can’t remember the others right now

  12. the best dive operator is Jeremy with Living Underwater! small, fast boat and only takes up to 6 divers and goes where ever the group wishes!!

  13. Santa Rosa Wall

  14. Devil’s Throat is thrilling and gets my vote!

  15. devils throat and colombia shallows (lots to see and you can stay down for at least an hour)

  16. http://youtu.be/JmvWwGgYDq0 last year in cozumel..turn down/off volume..its a little loud!

  17. Living Underwater is the best!!!

  18. Great diving on Cozumel, like Santa Rosa Wall

  19. night dive at palincar caves

  20. A beach sunset dive I did with amy soon-to-be husband and his brother where I showed them a seahorse I had found on a previous dive! (:>) Remember Clive?

  21. All dives are great but I really loved Palincar caves.

  22. Another vote for Devil’s throat and for a fabulous night dive ya gotta do Paradise reef.

  23. Sea Robin Cozumel took me on the best dives: Paso De Cedral, Tormentos, Palancar Gardens, Columbia Deep and Columbia Shallow. Those are my favorite 5 in Cozumel.

  24. Columbia Deep and then back to back Columbia Shallows two great dives and DiveParadise best dive operation just got back and saw Eagle Rays almost every dive so beautiful …

  25. Paradise reef is the best – lots of life and always sea horses and octopus at night! So sad to hear its going to be replaced with a dock for yachts :0(

  26. Get in a boat , go southwest until you get to Belize the jump in. LOL No Santa Rosa wall is great !

  27. Best diving site ever. My family is going back again this March break to dive at these sites.

  28. I have dove the Cenotes. I’m not big into cave diving, but it was totally worth it. Memorable dives.

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