3 of the Most Dangerous SCUBA Diving Locations

most dangerous scuba diving locationsPeople who are attracted to SCUBA diving often have an inherent sense of adventure, which sometimes can be a little misguided. There are times when this ambition can lead divers to attempt extreme and even dangerous dives that may not be appropriate for their skill level. SCUBA diving is usually a stimulating activity that can be looked back upon fondly, but if proper precautions are not taken, serious injury and death can occur.

There are rare instances in which the dive site plays an integral role in a dive accident or fatality. While the subject is often very controversial among divers of all different skill levels, it bears discussion simply by virtue of being important information that is relevant to all divers. This list is in no way complete or meant to be taken as gospel, but it contains sites that are commonly regarded as particularly troublesome. Here are three of the most dangerous SCUBA diving locations in the world.


Cenote Esqueleto

most dangerous scuba diving locations

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This notorious hole, located in Tulum, Mexico, features a maze of caverns, making it difficult and dangerous to navigate. It is very easy to become lost and disoriented inside this underwater labyrinth. Several recorded deaths have occurred here, making it easily one of the most dangerous SCUBA diving locations anywhere. Divers should be very familiar with the outlay of the area before even considering an attempt at this dive. With proper precautions, a very experienced and cautious diver may be able to navigate this dive successfully.


Devil’s Ear

most dangerous scuba diving locations

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This dark, ominously named dive site is located in Ginnie Springs, Florida. It is known for its strong currents and vortexes. Divers must be prepared to deal with a lack of light and the potential to be carried away by currents. The unique and challenging elements of cave diving make this site one of the most dangerous SCUBA diving locations, especially for those who ignore the logic of getting trained and certified to dive this type of environment.


The Blue Hole of Dahab

most dangerous scuba diving locations

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Located in the Red Sea, this infamous dive is known as a diver’s cemetery. Over three dozen SCUBA divers have perished inside, earning it a reputation as among the most dangerous SCUBA diving locations. The Blue Hole appears to be a deceptively easy dive until divers journey deep inside of it. Amateur divers should not attempt to navigate this hole, and even experienced professionals are cautioned to approach it with care.

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  1. then I am not going!

  2. then I am not going!

  3. Been to Dahab. You just have to be stupid to die there. Basically there’s this really cool thing called the arch, but it’s about 70 meters down, so you have to risk a lot to dive it under most circumstances. Also, it’s a mecca for technical divers trying to break records, and problems occur. It’s not more dangerous than most open water dives that have significant depth under you, just a lot of tempting things that are juuuuuust out of reach.

  4. The Devil is not a dangerouse Dive. Its a cave dive and one of the best cave diver training sites in florida. If you want a dangerouse cave dive try Eagles Nest which claimed another set of unEducated divers last christmas. With the first look at the bottom being at 140ft and descending from their its not a dive site that should be attempted by anyone whom does not have proper training.

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