Saving the Dolphins

stranded dolphinCetacean strandings are unfortunately all too common, which can result in anywhere from one to hundreds of fatalities. There are a variety of reasons for which cetaceans end up stranded on beaches, which include taking refuge in shallow water due to illness and becoming trapped as the tide goes out, weather conditions, foraging too close to shore, seismic activity beneath the sea, or even sonar exercises performed by military operations that interfere with the cetaceans’ natural sonar.

Because most cetaceans are highly social creatures and often travel in pods, one individual becoming stranded can lead to the entire community winding up on the beach as well. Although coastal patrols and beachgoers can usually catch a stranding in time to take action, there are remote places that are not frequented by visitors or patrolled regularly, resulting in the tragic loss of many lives. However, anyone who witnesses a stranding can’t help but be compelled to act, as this incredibly heartwarming video demonstrates. Enjoy your Saturday, everyone!


Image via qnr


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