3 Biggest Names in Ocean Conservation

When discussing ocean conservation, many organizations can be mentioned in relation to their merits in protection and conservation.  When evaluations are done of the top groups, three organizations always seem to remain high on that list. Those organizations are the Blue Ocean Institute, Oceana and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Blue Ocean Institute

ocean conservation The Blue Ocean Institute is a non-profit organization based in Stony Brook, New York and has been in existence since early 2003. Blue Ocean’s primary focus is to foster an intimate relationship with the sea. They achieve this through science, art and literature. The institute believes that if they can instill hope, then people will make better individual choices to help restore our oceans and will help protect those oceans with steadfast dedication and love.


ocean conservation   When it comes to the largest organization, Oceana is at the forefront. Founded in 2001 in Washington, DC, the organization has focused on protecting and restoring the world’s oceans. Team members, known as “e-activists,” are often referred to as “wave-makers” and their specific job is to send out letters and petitions in support of the various conservation campaigns. Oceana’s campaigns are specific in nature and look to prevent the decline of fish populations and other sea life threatened by industrial fishing or pollution.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

ocean conservation In the realm of ocean conservation, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is perhaps the most well-known. Founded in 1977 and based in San Juan Island, Washington, Sea Shepherd is a direct action organization.  Sea Shepherd is notorious for taking extreme measures in its’ quest to protect our oceans and marine life. The society has been featured on Animal Planet’s reality series Whale Wars, and often times uses controversial means to achieve their goals. In methods that are at times risky and dangerous, Sea Shepherd does achieve results through their actions. They have helped to decrease the number of whales killed each year. By bringing attention to the struggle of these remarkable creatures, Sea Shepherd has garnered awareness to their plight.

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