Donate to Project AWARE for World Oceans Day

project awareIt’s June 8, which means it is World Oceans Day again, and we can’t think of any better way to appreciate and celebrate our planet’s oceans than by lending your support to Project AWARE. Comprised of an international network of SCUBA divers who are committed to ocean conservation, Project AWARE has been addressing marine issues head-on with solutions that can be implemented anywhere on the globe since 1989, and continues to adapt to the changing issues at hand.

The main focus of Project AWARE at the present is both marine debris and species decline, particularly where sharks are concerned. Although there are myriad marine conservation issues around the globe, divers witness firsthand the effects of both problems and are readily available to institute solutions and raise awareness in the communities connected to affected regions. And since marine debris and species decline are worldwide problems, the effects of their efforts are widespread.

Members of Project AWARE ensure that sharks have a voice when scientific data and recommendations are presented to lawmakers in order to ensure that their future is protected for years to come. Collecting data about underwater debris helps to tackle the issue at its source and opens the door to new understanding about reducing waste and how to prevent it from reaching the sea. Through their Dive Against Debris program, divers from all over the world can participate in making sure these goals are met, while fulfilling the desire many divers have to do their part to preserve the marine environment.

If you would like to lend your support to Project AWARE, you can make a one-time or recurring monthly donation by clicking here.

Image via Project AWARE

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