The Daily Reel: May 4, 2012

  • iStock 000000081278Medium5 300x300 The Daily ReelCameron Diaz Nearly Swallowed Whole by Goliath Grouper
  • New Shark Species Discovered in Waters of the UAE
  • Greenland Seal Hunters Protest Danish Shop That Refuses to Sell Seal Products


Cameron Diaz Nearly Swallowed Whole by Goliath Grouper

In news of the hilarious, actress Cameron Diaz and a few friends were diving in Cozumel when they spotted a Goliath grouper Diaz described as being “as large as a Volkswagen Beetle.” At the urging of her friends, Diaz went in closer to pet the enormous fish, when suddenly it inhaled, drawing her into its mouth. The actress stated that the only thing stopping her from being swallowed completely was her neck (which we’re having a hard time visualizing). Before panic really set in, the grouper spit her back out, sending her rolling backwards in the water. This is a great example of why it’s usually best to avoid touching undersea creatures.

New Shark Species Discovered in Waters of the UAE

A marine biologist has discovered what she believes to be two entirely new species of shark living in the waters off the coast of Ras Al Khaimah, one of the emirates of the UAE. The discovery was made during routine shark cataloging in the Persian Gulf, where Rima Jabado says new marine species are being discovered regularly, but because establishing that it really is new to science can be a lengthy process, it could be two to three years before her discovery is validated by specialist taxonomists from around the world. Jabado compared the new sharks to milk sharks, only about a meter in length, but with marked differences in their teeth and the shape of their mouth. If naming of the sharks would involve her, Jabado mused that she would like to be able to auction off the names in order to raise money for further research.

Greenland Seal Hunters Protest Danish Shop That Refuses to Sell Seal Products

Much to the chagrin of seal hunters in Greenland, a Danish department store has announced that it will no longer be stocking seal products, despite an exception from the EU’s seal production ban that allows for Inuit sales of the products to 27 member states. The communications director from the store claimed that the refusal was due to a lack of demand for the products, causing a group of seal hunters to stage a protest outside the store. Greenland’s MP stated that not enough Europeans know about the exemption, and although much work is being done to promote seal products, they will not see success in moving the products if more stores stop selling them due to “animal ethics” concerns.


  1. Funny – Reminds me of the “hair gel” in There’s Something About Mary – a great visual gag.

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