10 Amazing Facts About Our Oceans

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  1. Isn't a Tsunami a wave caused by an earthquake or other seismic activity, while a tidal wave is caused by the changing tide (and so not interchangeable)?

  2. Willdabeast says:

    i think your weight of the blue whale is off

  3. Of the top 10 things I am concerned about the most Global Warming ranks at about number 500.

    • Colton A. says:

      Well maybe that is because you are a moron and can’t seen to realize that we are hurting animals, ourselves, oh and the only planet we live on. So when the world is completely destroyed I guess you won’t have to worry about checking your Twitter feed or something else that is a waste of time.

  4. Additional fact: nowhere in the UK is further than 72 miles from the sea!

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