UK Surfers Bare Bums for a Cleaner Ocean

uk surfers

Read on to learn how scientists in the UK are literally using surfer bums to seek out the presence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in their local waters.

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On Location with ScubaNation: Rapa Nui Artificial Reef Sinking

Rapa Nui - 16 of 20

I tagged along with Billy & Mitch from ScubaNation to be the first divers on the new Rapa Nui artificial reef off Deerfield Florida just moments after sinking. While it may not have gone exactly according to plan, we look forward to how this new site will evolve.

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Ahmed Gabr’s Journey to the Scuba Diving World Record

scuba diving world record

Take a look at Ahmed Gabr’s journey to the scuba diving world record in this post.

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The History of Scuba Diving

history of scuba diving

Take a look at the history of scuba diving as summed up in this short, but interesting post.

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Meet New Zealand’s New Octopus Photographer

octopus photographer

No, it’s not a work of science fiction — meet New Zealand’s new and very real octopus photographer in this video!

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Aquaviews’ Most Popular Posts of 2014

leisure pro

Check out this rundown of the most popular posts that brought YOU to Aquaviews in 2014!

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Supporting Marine Theme Parks Supports Dolphin Cruelty

dolphin cruelty

There is no longer any reason for debate — supporting marine theme parks ultimately supports dolphin cruelty. Are you part of the problem?

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5 Celebrities Who Actively Campaign for Ocean Conservation

Conservation, Monterey Aquarium

Although it may seem like a publicity ploy for some, there are celebrities out there who really care about ocean conservation. Here are just five of them.

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New Frontiers: James Cameron’s Contribution to Deep Sea Exploration

deep sea exploration

If Hollywood is the only thing that comes to mind when you think of James Cameron, you’re missing out on his awesome contribution to deep sea exploration!

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3 of the Strangest Dive Jobs

strangest dive jobs

If you’re a certified SCUBA diver and have always colored outside the lines, check out these 3 strangest dive jobs and make your mark!

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