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Weekly Special: Princeton Tec 700 Lumens Sector 7 LED Light

Weekly Special: Princeton Tec 700 Lumens Sector 7 LED Light

Light up your dives with Leisure Pro's weekly special on the Princeton Tec 700 Lumens Sector 7 LED Light!Read more »

How Climate Change Impacts Coastal National Parks

coastal national parks

Read on to learn more about the threats climate change and rising seas pose to our coastal national parks.

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Go Deeper at These Incredible Wreck Diving Destinations

wreck diving destinations

Qualified wreck divers would be remiss if they passed on the chance to go deeper at any of these incredible wreck diving destinations!

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Tiger Shark Study Reveals Surprising Results

tiger shark study

Read on to learn how information revealed in a new tiger shark study could greatly impact conservation of the species in the future.

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Quality Masks Under $50 from Leisure Pro

masks under $50

A quality mask doesn’t need to break the bank — check out just a few masks under $50 you can score from Leisure Pro!

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Be Prepared on Every Dive

prepared on every dive

Preparedness is everything when it comes to venturing into the deep — check out this post with tips on how you can be prepared on every dive.

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Devil Rays Wow the Crowd

Devil Rays Wow Onlookers

Check out this incredible video of devil rays showing off their aeronautic abilities!

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Snorkeling Sets for the Whole Family at Leisure Pro

snorkeling set

Headed out on a tropical vacation? Make sure you have snorkeling sets for the whole family with these awesome deals from Leisure Pro!

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UK Surfers Bare Bums for a Cleaner Ocean

uk surfers

Read on to learn how scientists in the UK are literally using surfer bums to seek out the presence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in their local waters.

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Stunning South Pacific Dive Destinations

south pacific dive destinations

While the tropics of the Northern Hemisphere hold underwater treasures of their own, these South Pacific dive destinations can’t be missed!

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Sharks: Separating Fact from Fiction


When summer temperatures soar, beachside towns can see an influx of sharks. But don’t panic — let’s separate fact from fiction for everyone’s safety!

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