JBL Speargun Maintenance and Repair Instructions


JBL Spearguns are manufactured from the finest materials available to resist corrosion and to give you “trouble free” spearfishing. Proper maintenance and care, is critical to the performance of your speargun.


A JBL speargun is subjected to the same destructive elements as all other diving equipment. It is important that you treat a speargun with respect and thoroughly flush it with fresh water directly after each use.

Frequently inspect sling(s) for cracking, softening, abrasive wear, cuts or other forms of deterioration. If any deterioration is noted, immediate replacement of affected sling is recommended. To prolong the life of the slings, store the gun out of direct sunlight and periodically apply silicone to them.

Do not attempt to install or remove a spear-point without first gripping the spearshaft with vise grips, pliers, or a pipe wrench. The release mechanism, (firing sear) of the gun should not be used to prevent the shaft from turning as it could be damaged in the process. To ensure a secure fit, apply thread tape to the spear shaft threads or apply a small amount of thread glue, e.g. LOCKTITE, etc., to the spear-point threads before securing the spear-point to the shaft.

Periodically check the shockline assembly to ensure that the line has not frayed. Also check the shock absorber for any signs of deterioration. As with the slings, you may increase the life of the shockline by storing it out of direct sunlight and periodically applying silicone to the “shock absorber”. Check the shockline knots on the muzzle and slide ring for a secure fit. If you must retie any knots, it is recommended that you use a bowline knot for added security.

Once you understand how to disassemble the handle, it is recommended that you periodically apply a small amount of silicone grease to the area where the sear and trigger make contact. While the firing mechanism is exposed, be sure to clean out all sand particles; this will reduce any added friction to the mechanism.


The JBL speargun has been designed with simplicity in mind. All repairs to the JBL speargun can be performed with only a screwdriver, pliers, and/or vise grips.


Before replacing slings, refer to the JBL sling replacement chart or JBL sales manual to ensure that you use the proper length and diameter sling for the gun you are working on.

Magnum Style Muzzle

To replace slings, first slide the wishbone through the opening between the upper and lower wings of the muzzle. Once the wishbone is inside, slowly pull the sling towards the handle until you can insert the wishbone between the upper and lower wing on the opposite side. Once this is completed, pull the sling until the wishbone is directly in the middle of the gun. Do not stretch the sling to try and fit it between the openings in the wings. This will cut the slings and immediate replacement will be imminent. Do not pry the wings open to install the slings. This will crack or break the muzzle.

Wood, Gulf, & Elite Style Muzzle

Insert a screwdriver or similar object into the shaft hole and pry upward to open the slot enough to insert the wire wishbone.


See “General Maintenance”. CAUTION: When replacing a spearpoint, be sure not to over-torque the point onto the shaft. This will cause the threads to break on the shaft.


If it becomes necessary to replace a shockline, start by tying a bowline knot on the slide ring. Be sure that the “shock absorber” will be closer to the muzzle than the slide ring on the shockline. Next, run the shockline around the line release and back up to the muzzle. Take as many wraps as desired, then pull the shockline through the small hole in front of the muzzle. Pull the shockline until it is taut, and mark the spot on the shockline where it enters the right side of the muzzle. Release the tension of the shockline, and then tie a bowline knot on the muzzle. If you have any extra line, you should burn the ends to prevent the line from unraveling.


It is important that you exercise extreme caution when disassembling the handle. To remove the handle from the gun, simply remove the screws attaching it to the barrel and extension. Upon removing the screws in the lower section of the handle, the handle should split in two parts. If sufficient corrosion has built up, it may be difficult to separate the handles. It is recommended that you use something to help remove corrosion, e.g. WD-40, so you may gain access to the trigger mechanism. Once inside, refer to the parts list on pages eight or nine to be sure that you have all of the essential parts.

It may be necessary to replace internal parts if sufficient wear is noticeable. Do not attempt to modify any parts or replace them with products not purchased from JBL.


Loose Safety

4D Magnum Series and Explorer Series
If the safety becomes loose and does not function properly, it will be necessary to replace the complete left side of the handle mechanism.

D-6, D-7 and D-8 Carbine Series
Be sure that the rear of the notch on the spearshaft is not worn.

Gun Becomes Difficult to Fire or Doesn’t Fire When Loaded

Be sure that you are not overloading the gun with slings that are too short and/or large in diameter.

Line Release is Not Engaging

Check the line release spring in the handle assembly. Replace if necessary.