Spearguns are diving tools which are designed for the specific purpose of taking underwater game. It is our sincere wish that, using the following use and care guidelines, you’ll derive years of pleasure from your JBL International Speargun – designed for predators of the deep.

WARNING: This speargun can cause permanent injury or death if used improperly, and should be treated accordingly. Please read all instructions before attempting to use your speargun.

  1. The speartip should be removed or covered with a puncture proof protector during transport.
  2. The gun should NOT be armed until the hunting area is reached. Swimming through rough water can be hazardous with an armed gun.
  3. Once armed, carry the gun only by the handle. Do not grasp an armed bun by the barrel or sling(s).

The speargun is designed solely for underwater use. It man not function properly or safely if armed or fired anywhere but fully submerged in water.

  1. Before cocking the sling(s), check the shaft for proper engagement with the release mechanism in the gun grip. The safety must be in the “fire” position to allow engagement. Test by trying to pull the shaft out of the release mechanism without pulling the trigger. After testing, move the safety to the “safe” position.
  2. Place the shaft retrieval line in its storage position.
  3. Slings are cocked as follows: After submerging the gun completely in the water, set the butt of the gun against a thigh or the hip. While keeping the gun pointed in a safe direction (downward away from people and away from any solid objects less than a spear length from the muzzle) and taking care of that the butt does not slip from its position, grasp a sling assembly at the rear ends of the rubbers, one in either hand, pull back and set the wire into a notch in the spear.
  4. Do not place your finger on the trigger until just before you intend to fire.
  1. Be certain of your target. Do not attempt to fire the gun in areas of limited visibility. When hunting in rocky areas, beware of misdirected or glancing shots.
  2. Move the safety to the “fire” position only just before pulling the trigger. Make frequent checks of the safety position during the dive to assure that you have not inadvertently moved it to the “fire” position
  1. Always disarm the gun before leaving the hunting area. Never bring a cocked bun out of the water.
  2. The gun may be disarmed by firing it in a save direction or by following the reverse procedure for cocking the sling(s).
  1. After use in salt water thoroughly flush with fresh water all accessible areas of the gun (including the interior through slots and holes provided). The rubber tip may be removed from the rear of some models for better access. Never use gun without rubber tip securely in place.
  2. Frequently inspect sling(s) rubber tubing for cracking, softening, abrasive wear, cuts, or other forms of deterioration and replace early to prevent breakage.
  3. Do not attempt to install or remove a spearhead without first gripping the spear shaft with a vise or pliers. The release mechanism of the gun should not be used to prevent the shaft from turning as it could be damaged in the process.
  4. Check the line assembly frequently to assure that it is not frayed, excessively worn, or cut, that the rubber shock absorbing tube (not present on all models) is secured and has not deteriorated and that all knots and splices are secure.
  5. DO NOT DISASSEMBLE THE GUN BEYOND THE LEVEL DESCRIBED ABOVE!  If further repairs or parts replacement are necessary, return the gun to your dealer.

REMEMBER: 1. Never cock sling(s) with the safety on “fire”!   2. Never cock sling(s) out of water!   
3. Never bring a cocked gun out of water!   4. Never point the gun toward another person!

The proper use of the spear gun should provide added pleasure to your diving. Proficiency will come through experience and common sense. Good Hunting!


JBL warrants that all metal components of this speargun are free from any defects in materials or workmanship. If, within one year from purchase, these components should prove defective, please return the product to the dealer you purchased your speargun from. If we are unable to repair the product within 8 weeks after receiving it, we will (at our option) either replace it or refund the full purchase price (less only a reasonable deduction for depreciation based upon actual use).

This warranty gives you the specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. To file a claim with your dealer, under this warranty, notify the dealer in writing of the following:

  1. Where and when you purchased your speargun.
  2. The nature of the defect.

This warranty is only in effect if the warranty card is completed and mail to JBL International within 15 days of purchasing this speargun.