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J.W.Fishers Pulse 8X Metal Detector & UW Coil Wire Connect


  • Hand held metal detector with coil wire
  • Ignores mineralization in the environment
  • Maintains high sensitivity to metal targets
  • Audio and visual detection
  • Suitable for fresh/salt water or land use

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J.W. Fisher 8" x 48" Oval Coil with Skids and 100' Cable


  • Skid design for easy tow on land/water
  • Suitable for large detection area
  • High sensitivity to small/large targets

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J.W. Fisher's Extra 18" Coil with 100'of Cable


  • Adds versatility to your metal detector
  • Enhanced detector capabilities
  • Allows boat deployment of detector
  • Designed for pulse 6X and 8X detectors

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J.W. Fisher Extra 10" (25.4cm) Coil


  • Extra 10" (25.4cm) coil for metal detectors
  • Extends nearly 3' (91.45cm) on either side
  • Allows quick ground coverage with few sweeps
  • Detects larger targets at deeper depths

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