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As the years went on, FitzWright's reputation for manufacturing first-rate diving suits grew. At the same time in the late 1970's windsurfing hit the scene creating a whole new category of surface water sport. The emergence and rapid growth of this new category presented an opportunity for FitzWright's current wetsuits to be re-designed and re-purposed for this new sport.

At this time it was decided that a separate name and identity should be used for this new range of water sport suits. In 1980 the BARE brand was born. Since then, the BARE brand has evolved to encompass all of FitzWright's products in the scuba diving, watersport and fishing categories. the only exceptions are the original survival suits, which are still manufactured under the FitzWright name.

At BARE, who we are starts with what we do. We manufacturer exposure products designed for sport enthusiasts who share our passion for being in and on the water. Products for scuba diving, fishing and watersports like wakeboarding and waterskiing. We also supply organizations whose employees demand constant protection from the water – organizations like Coast Guards, Search and Rescue, Offshore oil platforms and other various commercial industries through our Commercial and FitzWright Survival divisions.

How we go about delivering all of these products can be summed up in two words: Done Right. It’s the promise to you that everyone at BARE stands behind. Done Right is to exceed your every expectation when dealing with us or using our products. After all, we know you have a choice out there. We just want to make it very difficult for you to chose anything but BARE.

Today, we are a global leader in wetsuits and drysuits with distribution in over 50 countries.