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AIRHEAD products include inflatable towable tubes, wakeboards, kneeboards, water ski ropes, wakeboard ropes, tube tow ropes, tow harnesses, water skis, air pumps, inflation accessories and more. AIRHEAD watersport product designers pay a lot of attention to small details to ensure that your AIRHEAD product is the safest and most durable your money can buy.

AIRHEAD offers towable tubes in all shapes, sizes and price points including deck tubes, cockpit tubes, winged tubes, spinning tubes. AIRHEAD towables are constructed with the best materials available. Most bladders are constructed of durable 30 gauge K80 impact resistant PVC. Covers are made of 100% nylon, never polyester like other brands. Two layers of polyurethane coating reinforce the nylon; all seams are double-stitched with high grade synthetic thread. Handles and tow harnesses are heavily reinforced.

There’s an AIRHEAD wakeboard for all riders. Performance and forgiveness are built in, Beginners’ and intermediate rider skills will progress quickly using an AIRHEAD wakeboard. New for the 2009 season, female binding threads are integrated into an ABS block. As a result, AIRHEAD wakeboards are 4 times more resistant to thread pull-outs than traditional heli-coil treatments.

AIRHEAD towable tube tow ropes are rated for 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 rider towables. Corresponding tensile strengths are 1500, 2375, 3500, 4100 and 6000 pounds respectively. All are expertly spliced from the highest quality UV, abrasion and petrochemical resistant polyethylene and / or polypropylene material.

Conveniently inflate and deflate your AIRHEAD towable tube with an AIRHEAD air pump. For on-the-go inflation and deflation, AIRHEAD offers several options: a foot pump, double action hand pump with patented release valve and interlocked hose and adapters, a convenient 12 volt pump and a powerful 12 volt high pressure pump. Three 120 volt pumps are offered including a 2.5 psi high pressure pump and the “Cadillac” AIRHEAD SUPER PUMP. All AIRHEAD air pumps are equipped with a variety of suitable adapters to fit all popular valves.

AIRHEAD kneeboards are roto-molded from durable ABS, not blow molded from polyethylene like other brands. This ensures superior performance and extra long life. First time riders typically learn to start quickly and are often successfully jumping wakes and executing 360’s their first day on the water!

AIRHEAD combo waterskis are designed for stability to help beginner water skiers master the art of deep water starting on 2 skis, progressing to dropping a ski and the ultimate goal, starting on one slalom ski.

AIRHEAD trainer waterskis are designed for younger skiers learning to water ski. They’re equipped with a cross-bar to hold the skis together shoulder width apart. The cross-bar prevents tips from crossing and skiers’ leg splits. A 2 handled ski rope is also included, one handle for the skier and the other for a boat passenger. The boat passenger releases the handle immediately upon the skier falling, therefore eliminating dragging the skier by the boat.

Experts frequently compliment us on the performance of our boards

Join the millions of satisfied AIRHEAD customer by purchasing your first AIRHEAD product today. We’re confident that you’ll be happy you did! If you are a retuning customer, thank you very much for your brand loyalty.